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Hi Guys,

Happy New Year to you all, i hope you had a great New Years and a lovely Christmas!! 
So what is everyone's New Years Resolutions for 2018?? Mine to mention a few is to enjoy life a lot more and get back into blogging for 2018 as i have nearly missed half of 2017 which is due to all sorts of things going on in my life.

So let me bring you back to the start and reflect just a small bit on last year.

Up until roughly around July/August i put the brakes on blogging for a while due to work commitments as around then the company in which i work for moved out to Dublin. So with the long journey from home to work every day this didn't give me much time to do that much blogging and that is why as one of my new year's resolutions is to get back into blogging.

Moving on to November i celebrated my 30th Birthday, which was a great milestone and so i celebrated with friends. Then two day's later i ended up in hospital been diagnosed with Diabetes. I was admitted to hospital straight away where tests where carried out. Soon after the results where back i was diagnosed with Diabetes, it came as a shock as it isn't in the family,  but over the last few months or so i had noticed symptoms that didn't seem right and i decided to go to a screening event for Diabetes in my local pharmacy as it is Diabetes Awareness for the month of November. .

A test was carried out and my Blood Glucose Levels were at 20.6 which was very high, so i was advised by the nurse who carried out the test to attend my doctors straight away as the results of my glucose test looked serious. So i attend my doctors where they issued a letter for me to attend the hospital straight away due to the seriousness of my results and the symptoms that i had.

On arrival to the hospital i was took in for a Blood Tests to determine what type i was. After the blood tests had came back i was diagnosed with Diabetes but my type was inclusive as i was between both 1 and 2. So they decided to put me on medication while tests where been carried out over the next couple of months.
Currently 2 months on my Blood Glucose Levels have reduced significantly from my highest of 20.6 to around 5.4 which is amazing. In the last few weeks i have been back at the hospital talking to my diabetic team and tests are still been carried out to determine what type it is.

In the mean time, i feel great and haven't been tired or feeling really unwell. In the last few weeks i really have changed my diet for the better, where i have cut back on sugary stuff and watching my carbohydrates intake. I tend to just have my three meals a day along with some snacks such as fruit or nuts. If there is one item that i'm truly missing and that's Drinking Chocolate, even though i used to drink it with Skimmed Milk its just way to high in sugars to take a chance in drinking it, although it could be an occasional treat.

I also have a Blood Glucose Testing Kit in which i test how high or low my blood sugars are throughout the day. The kit includes a Pen which acts as a needle, this allows you to prick your finger, it also comes with a Monitor that reads your Glucose levels and some Testing Strips which you insert into the monitor. 
I will be doing a Video on Been Diagnosed with Diabetes and i will be including how you test your Blood Glucose Levels using this Monitor. Up until a couple of weeks ago i was testing my Bloods up to 4 times a day, but now that i'm on different medication at the minute i'm currently testing it only once a day. 

I'm also allowed to workout again, so i'm currently putting a fitness plan in place which will keep me fit and shed another couple of pounds. Since been diagnosed with Diabetes i have lost 3 stone in weight and i intend to keep focused and shed some more as this will help balance my Diabetes.

I have including some pictures of me before and after been diagnosed.

The first picture of me is back in 2011 and the second one is in 2014 and the third one is 2017.
So far i'm due back in the hospital over the next few weeks for another blood test, and i will keep all of you updated on my progress. But one thing is for sure if it wasn't for a national screening for Diabetes i would never have know that i had it. So i would urge you all to go get checked as its a condition that can either come in quite quick or it could be hereditary where it could be down the line of your family, you can find out more info here.... Diabetes Ireland

I hope you guys enjoyed today's post, i must say it is good to be back in the blogging world again, over the next few months i have some exciting posts coming up here on the blog so make sure you follow us on all are social platforms.

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