Monday, 12 June 2017


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Happy Monday to you all. I hope you are all having a lovely day so far,

Spring time is the most perfect time to up your Atleisure game due to the warmer months ahead, plus its also the time to get out there and get a lot more fitter and we all need a look that we can both rock in the gym and then again look cute if we need to go somewhere afterwards whether its to run some arrears or go for some lunch with the girls. Plus it also allows you to treat yourself to some really nice workout gear!!

I was inspired by Adore Me about doing a post on my Atleisure Must Haves. But before i share with you all my Atleisure Must Haves, first i would like to introduce you to Adore Me.

For all of you that are not that familiar, Adore me is a New York based lingerie company. Adore me provides quality and stylish designs for everybody that give you that extra boost of confidence and comfort as well. The also have a diverse range of products to choose from.  Adore's Me's Head of Design who is a former head of design at Victoria's Secret provides customers with stylish designs. They also offer a monthly subscription service that allows you to review a variety of their products and allows you to buy them in the future.

Now on to my Atleisure Must Haves........


My first Atleisure Must Have is a good pair of leggings. I love wearing leggings that have a little extra something whether its a pop of colour, a fun pattern or cutouts. Not only are they comfy but they also give you a large range of movement when your working out and they also look cute when you pair them with an over sized top and a pair of trainers. 
I love these Leggings from Adore Me. They have a gorgeous pattern down along the sides along with a criss cross cutout detail. These leggings are ideal for working out in or running some errands.

You can find these and a lot more comfy active-wear, along with sleepwear, lingerie, bras, etc over on their website which you can fin here...AdoreMe!!


Another Atleisure must have is a Hoodie. I could just live in Hoodie's as they are both warm and very comfy. You can dress up a look such as wearing a hoodie while going into the gym or running some errands, you can simply pair them with a pair of trainers or a pair of slip on's. There is a huge range of different types of hoodies anywhere. Personally i love hoodies that are white with a nice design or some really cute detail like the one pictured above.


Next up is another firm favourite when it comes to Atleisure must haves, this White Block Gym T-shirt. I love buying these types of t-shirts in a bigger size as it adds a perfect amount of looseness which feels a lot more comfy especially when your working out in the gym, plus you can even wear it with your favourite leggings and trainers.


Another Atleisure must have is a good sports Bra. It basically keeps everything in place through an intense workout. They also provide support and reduces any movement, which can be very uncomfortable. Plus they also reduce any damage to the chest ligaments.
 In particular i love high neck sports bras as they are a style that is ideal for low impact activity which gives you the support you need. This one from AdoreMe comes with matching undies!!


Sometimes you just don't want to do anything with your hair and not even dry shampoo can even save you and that's where a Baseball Cap comes to the rescue.
 It is ideal for those days where your hair is in a total mess and you can wear them in almost every situation and they are the perfect Atleisure accessory. You can literally find them anywhere. This one is from ASOS is ideal for those not so hair days!!


Last, but definitely not least, we can't forget a good pair of comfy Trainers. Personal i love my Nikes, i have around five pairs and they're great in the gym or when i'm out and about running errands. I love how Nike produce trainers with a fresh, stylish approach to causal apparel.
I love these trainers from the Nike range with they're punchy, modern colour taking center stage, while been comfortable and durable to the brand's core. And whats even better is that you can wear them straight out of the gym with the rest of my atleisure must haves and still have a complete chic look!!

For more information on AdoreMe why not visit their Website and follow them over on Facebook. Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest!!

I hope you guys enjoyed today's post on my Atleisure Must-Haves,

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