Monday, 9 January 2017


Hello Everyone,

Happy New Year to you all, i hope you all had a great Christmas!!

So as today is my first post of the New Year i'm going to share with you all my New Years Resolutions for 2017.
Last year was a very up and down year for me due to personnel issues going on within in my private life which resulted in me not blogging as much as i would have liked to throughout the year.  But this year i have wrote down some New Years Resolutions in which i'm planning on sticking too and making them work before this year is out.

First on my Resolutions list for 2017 is......


As i have mentioned really briefly above i had a few personnel issues going on in my private life towards the end of last year which resulted in me neglecting the blog where i would put up one post per week. So this year i want to blog a lot more and stick to schedule of uploading a post 1 to 3 times a week along with uploading a vlog as well. I also want to blog about some really interesting topics and i would love my followers to comment on what they would like to see on my blog in 2017, i find having the followers imput in the blog makes it even more exciting on future posts so if any of you are reading this please send me a message on what you would like to see here on the blog.


Me Time?? Yes all about you ever feel that things just get on top of you and you just want to SCREAM!! Well i do, and i have had my far share of it throughout 2016!! I have set myself a goal this year to create a Me Time Slot within the working week, where i'm just going to take an hour break whether its from working or blogging and do something relaxing such as going for a walk, having a relaxing bath or doing some meditation to clear the head and get rid of any negative thoughts.

Okay, so i may have falling off the healthy band wagon since giving up the gym almost four months ago, but i am still trying to maintain a healthy diet by eating 'proper meals' along with indulging in the odd treat now and then. And as for fitness, i walk everyday as having three dogs which keeps me on the go. I do however want to get back into doing Home Workouts as i was a big fan of doing this before i joined the gym so another new years resolution is to get a lot more healthier for the year and start doing some really fun workouts to burn off a few pounds.


Now that Christmas has passed i can finely get back into my routine of having a good nights sleep. I have always been a very deep sleeper but i do find myself going to bed really late especially during the weekends and its really no fault of my own as i tend to watch tv on netflix for hours on end which means i then don't get a good nights sleep. I also go through fazes where i can't sleep at all so i use a Deep Sleep Pillow Spray from the 'The Works' to relax me and help me sleep, plus when i wake in the mornings i feel super refreshed and ready for the day ahead!!

My last New Years Resolution for 2017 is do more Collaborations and Reviews. During 2016 i got to do some really amazing Collaborations which were all 'un-paid', but still at the same time it was a great experience to do some really cool collaborations with some of the leading Beauty/Fashion Brands in the world. So another of my New Years Resolutions is to do more Collaborations with Brands or other Bloggers throughout the world. I also want to do a lot more Product Reviews as i myself love reading product reviews whether its an online store review or on a website. Personally i love posting Reviews over on the blog as it gives my readers my personal and honest opinion on the product in question.

I hope you guys enjoyed today's post on My New Years Resolutions 2017.
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  1. some great resolutions, and i like how you have a clear plan on achieving them. I really want to be more consistant with blogging, health and fitness etc. wishing you everything of the best in 2017!

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