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For today's post i'm going to be sharing with you all an Event in which i attended two Thursday's ago which took place in the Dawson Hotel Spa in the City Centre, Dublin.
First up i'm going to be giving a little introduction into the wonderful Dawson Spa followed by the event itself and some amazing Festive Offers the Dawson Spa have to offer.

The Dawson Spa is situated in the Dawson Hotel in the heart of Dublin City which is a little haven away from the busy streets of Dublin City and is the ideal spa to Restore, Unwind and Relax. 
They are also the Winners of the Tatler Boutique Spa of the Year 2015. 
The Dawson Spa offer a wide range of of there very own Organic Signature Therapies all designed to promote relaxation for The Mind, Body and Soul. 

Plus they also offer a range of Therapies from the world renowned Irish Brand VOYA and the luxurious 'Marste Spa Candles'.  Every Product in which they use from the VOYA Range contain extracts from the organic wild seaweed which has been sustainably hand harvested. 
Here is a taster of some of the Treatments in which The Dawson Spa offer:

-Hot Stone Massage
-Deep Tissue Massage
-VOYA Organic Facials 
-Reiki & Reflexology
-VOYA Organic Hydrating Body Scrub
-Detoxifying Seaweed Bath
-Beauty Essentials (Manicures, Pedicures, Shellac)

Plus many more Treatments can be found here.....TheDawsonSpa
Also for more information on any of the VOYA Products visit there website here....

Now on to the event itself, so me and a friend decided to go along to the event as we both love everything Beauty/Spa related and we couldn't wait to here about the Spa and its Treatments.
On arrival to the event we were greeting by the lovely team at the Dawson Spa and we were treated to a glass of Prosecco. We were then offered a Complimentary Treatment in which we could choose from getting our Nail's Painted, Brow's Threaded or a Back Massage. I decided get my Nail's Painted as my Nail's were in need of some TLC. 
We were then asked to wait upstairs in one of their waiting rooms which was near to some of treatment rooms which not only allowed us to socialising with other attendees but it also allowed us to to take a further look at the treatment rooms including the magnificent Marble Bath where they carry out their VOYA Seaweed Treatments. 
After chatting to other attendees at the event and looking at the treatment rooms, i was then brought down stairs to their Nail Treatment Room by the lovely Hayley who is one of there Beauty Therapist's in The Dawson Spa. 
While we both chatted on everything Beauty/Blogging related, first up she removed the Nail Polish in which was already on my nails and applied a Base Coat of Nail Polish. Then after the Base Coat dried, i then had to make the hardiest decision to choose a Shade for my Nails in which i decided to go with a Burgundy Shade as now that we are in Winter its the ideal shade to wear on the nails. 
Hayley then applied the Burgundy Shade to my Nails followed by spraying a Setting Spray over them which helps them stay on longer.  
I absolutely loved getting my nails done, the shade in which i choose was gorgeous and it also gave my nails a glossy finish to them which looked very like i had got a Shellac Treatment done. 

Overall i found the experience of getting my Nails Painted amazing as the wonderful Therapists at the Dawson Spa made me feel very welcome and they show-cased there work to the highest of standards. 
The Dawson Spa not only offer a range of Treatments but they also offer some amazing Spa Packages including Wedding Spa Packages and now that Christmas is nearly upon us, the Dawson Spa is offering some incredible Festive Offers to make sure that you are Christmas Ready this year.....


Begin your indulgence with the Dawson Spa's antioxidant Dark Chocolate Sugar and Cinnamon Body Scrub, followed by their soothing luxurious melted Cocoa Butter Full Body Massage, then finish with a Lush Locks Deeply Relaxing and Nourishing Hair/Scalp Conditioning Treatment.
1hr 30mins
€109-Midweek/€119- Weekend 

Begin with a Warm Oil Full Body Massage then be cosily wrapped in an Organic Cinnamon Cloves and Herbal Mask, feel the heat melt away those bodily aches and pains while the Dawson Spa de-stress the mind with a deeply relaxing and calming head massage. 
1hr 30mins

Enhance and Enrich your natural glow this festive season with the Dawson Spa's award winning Facial, combining active Seaweed Organic Ingredients to re-hydrate and rescue the skin from the seasonal elements while the mask does wonders, we treat your feet with a restorative pressure point massage.
1hr 30mins

Overall i had a fabulous time at the Dawson Spa Event, it was a pleasure meeting and chatting to the team and of course getting my Nails Painted, I look forward to going back in the future for more treatments!! 
If you would like to Check Out the Dawson's Spa Treatments and Spa Packages you can do so here @ TheDawsonSpa or if you would like to inquire about a Treatment or Spa Package you can email 

Plus you can all so Check Out the Dawson Spa on Facebook and on Twitter to keep up-to-date on Offers and the latest Treatments.

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