Monday, 7 November 2016


Hello my Lovelies,

Happy Monday to you all, i hope you are all having a lovely day so far.

That time again is upon us, yes its another Favorites Post and this time its for October!! Where is the months going?? I honestly can not believe we are already in November which is my Birthday Month, i have a few things coming up this month which i will be sharing here on the blog.

But lets get back to today's post and as mentioned above i'm going to be sharing with you all my October Favourites. This month i have had quite a few products to try out and they are a combination of Beauty and Makeup products.

Starting with my first favourite for this month and its this Brow Kit from Collection, i bought this a couple of weeks back and i have been using it non stop since then. The kit itself comes with three brow shades which range from Black, Dark Brown and a Light Brown Shade, you also get an angled brush which helps in filling in your brows and then you also get a clear Mascara which helps in setting your brows for a long lasting finish.
Personally i feel this Kit is the perfect brow kit to use for perfecting those brows whether your creating a day or night look. I use the Black Shade as i am dark-haired so that shade really works with my complexion and my overall look. When it comes to applying the product to my Brows i tend to use a Spoolie and Angled Brush, i firstly like to use a Spoolie for brushing up my Brow Hairs and then use the Angled Brush to fill in my brows for a natural look. I have loved using this Brow Kit and no doubt it will be in my makeup collection for years to come!!

Score: 10/10
Price: €5.49

Next up is this Garnier Pure Active 3 in 1 which is a Wash, Scrub and a Facemask. This is the ideal Skincare Product to have in your Bathroom cabinet as its a super easy to use on your skin in many ways. I tend to suffer with blocked pores so i find this product ideal for unclogging my pores and leaving my skin lovely and soft.
I like to use this product as a Scrub as it exfoliates the skin really well and with it containing Pumice Volcanic Rock this is a natural exfoliate to remove dead skin and unclog pores. I also love to use it as a facemask as with it been enriched with White Clay this is know for its absorbing properties which mattify skins appearance and leaves my skin feeling softer.

Score: 9/10
Price: €7.49

On to my third favourite for the month of October is this Volumizing Lip Booster from Catrice. I got this in my September Glossybox and since than it has became a clear favourite Lip Booster. I love the shade of this Lip Booster as its a natural shade which is ideal to use on my lips for a day look. The lip gloss itself contains a menthol which gives a cooling and a slight tingling feel on my lips, Whats really clever about this Lip Booster is that you can use it on your lips or over a lipstick to add a wonderful volume effect to your lips.

Score: 8/10
Price: €3.99

Next up is this Oral-B 3D White Glamorous Shine Toothpaste, I am a huge fan of having 'White Teeth' so this Toothpaste does the job in keeping my teeth white on a daily basics. I love using this Toothpaste as it removes up to 90% of surface stains in 5 days and it also protects from future stains. I also love how this toothpaste doesn't cause irritation to your teeth and i would defiantly recommend it as its an amazing toothpaste that not only keeps your teeth clean but also keeps them white too!!

Score: 8/10
Price: €5.79

On to my fifth favourite for the month of October and its this Too Faced 'Better than Sex' Mascara. I got this in my October Glossybox and since then i have been using it on my lashes everyday. I love applying this Too Faced Mascara to my lashes as it gives them a curled and dramatic look day and night. 
The hourglass shaped brush at the end of the Mascara allows the brush to lengthening's, thickens and adds volume to each lash.

Score: 10/10
Price: €23.00 (full size)

Next up is this Soap & Glory Hand Cream which is my favourite Hand Cream of all time. I got this a while back and back then i never got a chance to use, but now i have had a chance to try it out and i absolutely love it. This Soap & Glory Hand Cream is combined with Shea Butter, Fennel and Lotus Flower Extract, it softens hands and leaves them hydrated throughout the day. 
I love to apply a small amount of this to my hands when they are dry and tired, and now that we are in Winter i'm applying it even more!!

Score: 9/10
Price: €9.00

My last favourite for the month of October is this Gel Nail Polish from Essence. The shade in which i went for is this gorgeous Burgundy shade which is ideal for these dark winter days. The pigment of colour from these shades are amazing, I also love how the brush is wide so it makes it more easier to apply the polish to my nails.  I'm a huge fan of the Essence Range especially their Nail Collection as their Nail Polishes are amazing and the shades are absolutely gorgeous. 

Score: 9/10
Price: €1.89
Shop: Lloyds Pharmacy 

I hope you all enjoyed my post on my October Favourites!!
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  1. I love the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara and the Volume Lip Booster from Catrice. They are one of my favourite products ever :)

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