Friday, 7 October 2016


Hello my Lovelies,

Welcome to today's post, i hope you are all having a lovely day so far also how was everyone's Weekend, i hope you all had a great one, i decided to head out with some of the girls for some lovely food and drinks so it was really nice evening to spend it with some great friends!!

On to today's post and for today's one i'm going to be sharing with you all my September Favourites. I really can't believe we are in October already,  this year is going really quick and soon enough i will be sharing with you all my Christmas's posts, but lets save that for December, moving on to the products in which i have loved using for the month of September. This month there has been a wide variety of products in which i have loved using, if you want to find out which products have made it into my favorites post then keeping reading below............


So my first favorite for the month of September is this Le Mara Micellar Cleansing Water, i bought this a couple of months ago and never got a chance to use it and since i have ran out of my Garnier Micellar Water its the perfect time to try out this one.  
This Micellar Water is a deep cleansing water containing organic sea minerals, extracts and vitamin E which simply removes makeup and cleanses your skin in one single step. With it rich in organic seaweed and hand harvested in the West of Ireland its the most perfect cleansing water to use as its natural and causes no irritation to the skin. I love to use this especially in the evenings when i'm taking off my makeup as it takes it off in seconds along with removing stubborn eye makeup such as eyeliner and mascara.

Price: €2.99
Shop: aldi stores
Score: 10/10


Next up is this Eyeshadow Palette which is from MUA (Makeup Academy). I got this in my August Glossybox, i received the Glitter Ball Shades where there is a variety of shades to try out for any makeup look. 
The shades are spectacular as they will add sparkle to my eyes for that ultimate look. Not only do i love the shades within this palette, but i also love the pigments of colour as they are high in colour which i love to see in eyeshadow palettes. I have been using this palette on a daily basics as most of shades are ideal to use in creating a lovely day and evening look.

Price: £4.00
Score: 9/10


On to my third favourite for the month of September and its this Lash Curler from Hairspray. I was in need of a new Lash Curler as the other lash curler i have hasn't been working as well as what it would normally be. 
So one of the days i decided to pop into Hairspray and i had seen they had stocked lash curlers, so i decided to buy one to try it out. I was amazed at how well this lash curler worked, it simply curlers the lashes in seconds and then just finish off with a small amount of mascara to define them.

Price: €1.00
Shop: Hairspray
Score: 10/10


Next up is this B Sculpted Contour Kit. I got this in a Glossybox a while back and never got around to using it until now. The kit comes with a dark contour powder and a creamy highlighter. I love using this when creating my day and night time looks as the kit works for both looks.

I especially love how the dark powder contours my cheekbones/forehead and the neck line, while i love how the highlighter highlights my upper brow bones, the center of my nose and my cupids bow. This is a gorgeous kit to have not only in your makeup collection but in your makeup bag as its small and handy to carry around in your bag when your out and about to add some contouring and highlight to your face.

Price: £10.49
Shop: Superdrug
Score: 10/10


On to my fifth favourite for this month and its this Tresemme Colour Vibrance Protection Shampoo and Conditioner.
 If you don't already know i like to change up my shampoo and conditioner nearly every month because i'm generally never happy with sticking to one shampoo/condition for a couple of months. But I have to say with this Tresemme Colour Vibrance Shampoo/conditioner this is working wonders on my hair, not only does it keep my colored hair looking vibrant for weeks but it is also leaving my hair feeling incredible soft too.

Price: €5.60
Shop: Tesco Stores
Score: 9/10


On to my last favourite for the month of September and its this Eye Brow Brush from the P.S Beauty range from Penney's. I love using this as it helps define my brows when i apply my favourite brow product. 
What i really like about this Brow Brush is the fact that it is a double ended brush which has a small angled brush on one side and a spoolie on the other which helps in defining my brows. 

Price : €2.00 
Shop: Penney's (Primark)
Score: 10/10

I hope you all enjoyed my post on my September Favourites.
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