Wednesday, 17 August 2016


Hello my Lovelies, 

Welcome to today's post, i hope you are all having a wonderful day. I got some really exciting news yesterday, Stylish and Fabulous has been Shortlisted in this years #Littlewoodsirelandblogawards in the Beauty and Fashion Categorie. This is the second year in a row in which we have made into the Shortlist and I would love to go one better then last year. If you guys would like to vote for Stylish and Fabulous in both the Beauty and Fashion categories I will leave all the details you need below this post. 

Anyway moving on to today's post and for today's one i'm going to share with you all a 'What I ate Wednesday Post', i haven't did one of these posts in ages so i just thought today i would do one for you all.

So up first this morning was Breakfast, considering i was up until quarter to 4 in the morning due to me having an awful night of not sleeping, i did however wake up at the normal time of 8 o'clock for Breakfast, I love to change around my breakfast's during the week, i get bored of eating the same thing 7 day's in a row, so this morning i decided to go for some Rolled Wholegrain Oats and Hot milk. I know it seems like a really warm breakfast ideal for winter and not summer, but i love something warm especially hot oats its so yummy!! I also decided to go for a Glass of Apple Juice as i just love a good Juice in the mornings!!

Now that I'm back at the gym in the evenings, i like to have Dinner instead of Lunch as it digests a lot better before i head to the gym in the evening. Over the past few months, i would have normally have had my dinner an hour or two before going to the gym, but i felt so full that i could barely move so by having my dinner at lunch i find it a lot easier. I would simply have a light snack before going. For today's dinner I had a Breadcrumb fish Fillet with some Home-made Chips and some Beans, yes i know it wasn't the healthiest of dinners today but this was my mid-week treat!!

As I was heading to Gym i decided to go for a Flahvans Oaty Flapjack and a small packed of Rasins as its quite a light combination of food before doing a workout.

Mid-Evening Snack

Lastly for my Mid-Evening Snack I decided to go for a Ciabatta Sub with a slice of Bacon in it as i was starving from doing my workout.

So as i mention above Stylish and Fabulous has been Shortlisted for this years #littlewoodsirelandblogawards in the Beauty and Fashion Blog Category!! If you would like to vote for Stylish and Fabulous in both of the Categories you can do so 

  • By clicking on the Ireland Blog Awards Button in the top right hand corner of my blog
  • Then simply click on 'VOTE FOR THIS BLOG' under Beauty and Fashion
  • Then it will ask you to either sign in (if you already have an account) or you can set up a free account by filling in some details 
  • Then when your done click Register
  • Then confirm your Vote 

And your done!! 

**Remember we have been Shortlisted for both the Beauty and Fashion Blog Award and these two have to be voted separately!!



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