Tuesday, 2 August 2016

My July Favourites 2016!!

Hello my Lovelies,

Happy Tuesday to you all, I hope you are all having a lovely day so far. For today's post I'm going to be sharing with you all my July Favourites. I can't believe that July is over and we are now in August, this year seems to be flying by. This month there was a selection of different products that i loved using and I manged to break it down to six products in total to share with you all.

To find out what products made into my July Favourites then just keep reading......

Cien BB Cream All-in-One
My first favourite for the month of July is this Cien BB Cream All-in-One. If you guys read my recent post on the Lidl's New Beauty Range over here on the blog, then you would have already seen that i'm a massive fan of there new range. I started using this BB Cream at the beginning of July as i was intrigued to see how good it was to other BB Creams already on the market. 
When I first started using it, i started to mix a small amount with my foundation to give a bit more coverage but after a few days I gave up mixing the two together and started to use the BB Cream on its own. The shade in which I chose was the Medium to Dark Shade as my skin tone is kinda in the middle. The Cream itself glides on to your skin so easy and the coverage is amazing, it basically leaves a clear and smooth complexion. It also conceals brilliantly and it also offers 24 hour skin hydration along with Sun Protection of SPF 15 which i feel is perfect to wear throughout the whole of summer. Altogether I love this BB Cream, the words in which i write doesn't give this product full justice. I will say that this is the best BB Cream in which i have used on my skin down to the 24hr hydration, coverage and the lasting finish it gives.

Price: €2.99
Shop: lidl's 
Score: 10/10

Hawaiian Tropic Island Berry Lipgloss
On to my second favourite product for this month and it's this Hawaiian Tropic Island Berry Lipgloss which i received in July's Glossybox. This Lipgloss is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!! 
The tropical scent smells delicious and would nearly transport you to a holiday spot in just one smell. Its a non sticky formula which provides 12 hour miniaturisation and it also contains SPF25 which protects your lips from those sun rays. I got to use this product a week ago as Ireland was hit with a mini heatwave and this product came in very handy, as it moisturised my lips and protected them all at the same time. So I sat back enjoying the sun knowing my skin and lips were protected from the sun!!

Price: €6.99
Score: 9/10

Lacura Renew Q10 Night Cream
My third favourite for the month of July is this Lacura Renew Q10 Night Cream from Aldi's. Now before i purchased this product I had heard quite a lot of good reviews about this Night Cream and i will be honest at first i was like "could it really be as good as some of the leading brands on the market that supply nightcreams"?? Well the answer was YES a hell of a lot better than most of the night creams on the market at this point in time!! 
This Renew Q10 Night Cream is amazing, it just glides on to the skin and absorbs really quick, also the smell is gorgeous and the texture is so soft when applying it to your skin and after!! And what is also amazing about this Cream is that it is super affordable at only €1.99 in all Aldi Stores, Now that I am heading into my thirties i want my skin to look and feel healthy, so by introducing some of the more advanced creams now this will help my skin along the way.

Price: €1.99
Shop: Aldi's
Score: 10/10

De Bruyere After Sun Lotion Monoi
Next up is this After Sun Lotion from De Bruyere, I recevied this product in my June Glossybox. This After Sun Lotion is enriched with Monoi (gardenia petals soaked in coconut oil) alongside vitamin E. I have used it a few times this month as Ireland had a couple of Hot Days, so I used this to calm my skin from sitting in the sun, it also hydrates and nourishes the skin. 
And not only does this After Sun calm your skin from sitting in the sun but it also prolongs your summer tan which is amazing!!  I love how this product is really smooth on the skin and leaves it feeling incredible soft. Also the smell of this product is amazing as it smells really fresh. I have loved using this product and no doubt I will be using it to prolong my tan!!!

Price  €9.48
Score: 9/10

Cien Eye Makeup Remover
My fifth favourite for the month of July is this Eye Makeup Remover which is from the Cien Beauty Range at Lidls. I bought this at the beginning of July and since then i have been using it everynight to remove my eye makeup. I find it quite difficult in removing stubborn eye makeup such as eye shadows, mascara and eyeliner. 
But since using this makeup remover my evening routine is a lot more quicker and easy to take off my makeup especially the products i use on my eye area. This remover is infused with lotus flower and silk, it removes makeup in minutes to leave your eye area incredible soft and smooth with no irritation at all. It also leaves your eye area feeling nourished and refreshed. If you haven't tried it yet i would defiantly recommend you do as it is brilliant stuff.

Price: €1.99
Shop: lidl's
Score: 10/10

Blank Canvas F20 Flat Brush
My last favourite for the month of July is this F20 Flat Brush from Blank Canvas. I received this in July's Glossybox and I have to honestly say this has been my favourite item from any Glossybox that I have received. This Short, Dense Synthetic Fibres make this brush ideal for applying liquid, cream or powder makeup. 
For me I have decided to use this brush as a powder brush for applying my favourite translucent or loose powder to my face. I do think that i might change it over to been a foundation brush as i feel it could act well as been a stippling brush in which i think it would give a very nice flawless look to my makeup. I absoultly love this brush especially the colour been pink because my favourite colour is already pink!!

Price: €11.95
Score: 10/10

Altogether I have loved using these products throughout the month of July and I hope to even use them more throughout this month as well.
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