Tuesday, 14 June 2016

May Favourites 2016!!

I'm I'm Hello my Lovelies,

I hope you are all having a lovely day!! For today's post I'm going to share with you all the products I have been loving for the month of May.

The first product I have been loving for the month of May is this Miraculous leave in Conditioner which has Jojoba Oil from Australia and Panthenol.

 I bought this in Aldi's for only €2.99 and I have to say I absolutely love using it on my hair. It keeps my hair feeling super soft and tangle-free which is a huge bonus if i leave my hair to dry natural. It also has a gorgeous smell to it, where it smells some what like bubble gum!!

Miraculous Conditioner Spray is available in all Aldi's Stores

Next up is this Bandi Hydro Care Moisturiser which i received in April's Glossybox. I love using this on my face especially in the mornings as it gives my skin a kick start!! 

What I love about this moisturiser is its lightweight formula that is ideal for normal, combined or oily skin and its also ideal for using as base on your face before applying makeup.

Bandi Hydro Care Moisturiser is available online at http://www.bandi-cosmetics.eu/preparaty.php?seria=21

On to my third favourite for the month of May and its this P.S Makeup Fixing Spray, which i bought in Penney's (Primark) a two months ago. 

I love this stuff it helps in setting your makeup and keeping it on throughout the day and night. I used this on my face for my friends wedding and have to say that this stuff really does work as it sets your makeup for a long lasting finish. When spraying it on it feels like you are spraying 'hairspray' on your face but it does feel very cool and refreshing on the face too. At only €2.50 its very affordable for a fantastic product.

P.S Makeup Fixing Spray is a available at all Penney's (Primark) Outlets.

Next up is this Swiss Smile Whitening Toothpaste again I received this in April's Glossybox. I use this in the Morning and the Evening as I love to keep a routine in brushing my teeth.

Its a fantastic whitening formula which removes stains and gently restores my teeth to its natural whiteness without harming them. I have really noticed the difference in my teeth as they are so much whiter since using this toothpaste, I also love the refreshing smell of mint from it to!! To find out more on this product I recently done a review on it, here's the link, http://stylishnfabulous.blogspot.ie/2016/05/product-review-swiss-smile-whitening.html

Swiss Smile Whitening Toothpaste avaiable online at http://www.swiss-smile-beauty.com/en/

On to my fifth favourite for the month of May is these very clever Eyebrow Stencils from Penney's (Primark). I happen to see these on a trip to my local Penney's and i decided to buy them to try out. I have heard of Eyebrow Stencils before so i was very intrigued to find out how they would do. 

So in the packed you recieve six stencils in total, they are all different shapes and they also have different arches to suit the brows you have or the brows you want to create. I have been using the stencils non stop in creating them perfect brows and I have also been experimenting with the other stencils by creating different brow styles which is really fun. I personnally am huge fan of these stencils as they create the perfect brow style and its really quick and simple to use them too. I will be doing a full review on these stencils later on in the week.

PS Eyebrow Stencils available at all Penney's (Primark) Outlets.

On to my last favourite for the month of May and its this Hey Honey Good Morning Facial Serum which again is another product from April's Glossybox.

 I love to use this Serum just after i have exfoliated my face in the mornings and just before i have applied my moisturiser. It gilds on to the skin and keeps it very smooth!! It also leaves a lovely soft and glossy appearance to the skin which helps my skin look a lot more radiant. 

Hey Honey 'Good Morning' Facial Serum is a available online at heyhoney.com

I hope you guys enjoyed my May Favourites Post to find how you can purchase all the products i have mentioned then please hit on the link below each of the products.

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