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For today's post I'm going to share with you all this well overdue Mink Lash Extensions Post.

So roughly two months ago i was treated to a Full Set of Mink Lash Extensions at New Look FX. I've delayed my review so i could assess how the lashes wore and how i felt about them as the weeks wore on!!

I got in touch with Linda from New Look FX through a facebook beauty group, as she was looking for a blogger who would be interested in getting a full set of Mink Lash Extensions done and in return the blogger doing a post over on there blog.

 So I decided to email Linda over some details about my blog and how i would love to get the opportunity to get them done!! After a brief discussion on blogging and lash extensions i decided to schedule an appointment to have them done as i have never had lash extensions done before.

So i arrived at Linda's house on a Sunday as that was the day of my appointment. Up first we had a coffee and chatted about beauty and blogging, she then showed us into her treatment room where she carry's out many of the treatments she does. I have to honestly say that from the moment i arrived until the minute i left i felt very much relaxed and pampered!!


Before Linda started the process of applying the lashes, a patch test had to be carried out before hand in case of any allergic reactions.

Once that was done and dusted it was then on to the important part of getting my lash extensions done!!

So the process began by lying flat on a beauty bed. Lying flat and still is the best way for the Lash Technician or Beauty Therapist to apply each lash accurately and correctly.

The treatment began by Linda placing white pads over the bottom lashes, this stops the top lashes from sticking together once the glue has been applied to the top lashes. Once the pads our in place and secure its now time for the lashes to be applied to my top lash line.

Each lash is then adhered to your own individual lash. Basically a single natural lash is isolated and a synthetic lash is then glued to the top of your own natural lash approximately 1mm from the eyelid so neither the glue or the lash has contact with the skin. The initial application takes approximately 45 to 1 hour.

Although it does take quite a lot of time for the process to be complete, i can honestly say that it is pain free and you can't feel the lashes been glued or put in place on your eyelid. One thing is that it makes you feel very much relaxed.

Once they are done, its time to open your eyes, at this point i have to say i was seeing double vision as you are lying down for quite a good bit of time. But don't worry, it doesn't last very long!! 

Next Linda handed me a mirror so i could see the finishing results and i have to say i was amazed as to how well they looked. Considering i only have straight lashes you could see straight away the curl of them and how much volume they had too!!

Overall I was delighted with them and since i got my full set which was roughly 4 weeks ago i decided to get Re-fills done as my lashes looked a little thin and you could spot the places as to where some lashes had falling out!! So i'm going to also share with you all my Re-fills outcome in this post too.

So the Sunday before Christmas, Linda came to my house to do the re-fills as i wanted to get my nails done as well just in time for the festive season!! So she set up the beauty area in my kitchen as there is quite a lot light there, and first up was the re-fills, basically it starts by looking as to where the lash extensions have fallen out and where there is a gap so that the lash can then be re-placed. So like when i was getting Lash Extensions first, you stay in a relaxed position on the beauty bed, eye patches are then placed on top of my lower lashes and then the process of applying each of the Mink Lashes to my top lash line!! Roughly it took around 45 minutes and it was pain free!!


I have to honestly say i absolutely love my Lash Extensions. Before I got them done i had really straight lashes which meant not even using a lash curler could curl them, that's how straight they were!! But since i have got them done there is a lot more volume and curl to them which was never there before so i over the moon about that. Also as well since i got my Extensions and Re-fills done I haven't had to use mascara either which is a bonus cause i'm saving on buying Mascara now a days.

Below this paragraph i'm also going to leave the review that i left on New Look's page as well for you guys to read;

"I had my lashes done on Sunday (22nd November) with the lovely Linda and I am delighted with them. I never had Lash Extensions done before so I was super happy to get them done. 

My lashes look so much fuller now and i even love the curl effect on them too as my own lashes are really straight no matter how much i try and curl them!! 

And what i even love about them is that there wont be a need for Mascara anytime soon (so no more waking up with panda eyes in the morning ha). Overall I am delighted with the outcome of these lashes, they have so much volume and they look so much fuller and natural too!!

 From the moment i arrived at Linda's house until i left, i felt so relaxed and very much pampered. Linda is a lovely friendly girl and is very professional in the job she does.

 She made me feel very relaxed and comfortable and we also had a great chat too!! 

I would highly recommend Linda from New Look FX as she is amazing at 
what she does. So girls whether you are getting your Makeup. Tan, Nails or Lashes done New Look FX is the place to go" 


Linda's Slogan is to 'work to a schedule that suits you', when it comes to doing Makeup and Eye Lashes its styled to suit your Personality to highlight your natural Beauty and not to mask it.

New Look FX offers the following Beauty Treatments:

  • Eye Lash Extensions
  • Makeup (Bridal & Occasions)
  • Special Effects
  • Gel & Acrylic Nail Extensions
  • Gel Polish aka Shellac 
  • File & Paint
  • Spray Tanning
  • Waxing 

Here is a picture of my nails that i got done over the festive season, i decided to get shellac done as i have became a fan of getting it don. I went for this Precious Ice with Hologram Diamond which is from the Perfect Match Range!!


Eyelash Extensions:

  • Classic Full Set 70euro, refills 50euro
  • Glamorous Lashes Full Set 90euro
  • Russian Volume Lashes 120euro  


If you book yourself and a friend, same day, same place you get 2 sets of Classic Lashes for €120.00

If you would like to find anymore information about New Look FX that go check out there website here

I hope you all enjoyed today's post on my Review on my Mink Lash Extensions, to find out any information on New Look FX, then please go check out their website.

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