Wednesday, 20 January 2016


Hello my Lovelies,

I hope you are all having a lovely day!!

For today's post I'm going to share with you all the first Glossybox of the New Year!!

So like always once iv'e ripped the seal off the outer packaging this months box is revealed!! And this months box is just a plain pink box!!

Now on to my favorite part, popping the lid on the box to reveal this months goodies!!

Up first is the Editorial Piece from editor Evie Leatham where she states that 'Usually January is about giving something up: this year we didn't want to think about what we shouldn't do, but what we should'. That's why Glossbox is declaring 2016 the year of more'. 

So it only means that there is exciting times ahead for all us Glossybox Subscribers!!

Now on to the exciting part as to what products i have received in this months box!!

I have to say this months box look amazing with some fabulous products inside that i can not wait to try out!!

And here's what i got........


Now i am a huge lover of face masks, and i am delighted to have received this product in January's Glossybox!! This is a herbal based face mask that has two key missions to care for your skin and to keep it protected. It also keeps your skin nourished and hydrated while in turn removes impurities. It is ideal for sensitive skin as well as normal skin. By applying it once a week to your face this means it keeps your skin looking and feeling hydrated & nourished, also with it been a full sized product this means you can apply as much as you want!!

Price: £11.36 Full Size


The second product i received was this exclusive Glossybox Eyeshadow in the shade Glossy Mauve which is a must have shade of the season.

This is super cute eyeshadow exclusivly from the Glossybox range and its in one of my favourite warm shades.

The pigment of the eyeshadow is gorgeous with a light texture and a shimmery finish which is ideal for a night-time look.

Price: £7.10


Up next is this Madara Cellular Repair Serum. This serum from Madara combines of a cell repairing bio-complex alongside its revitalising birch juice which plumps the skin, while also boosting hydration and radiance. It also visably improves smoothness and reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Althoughter the skin is re-charged with moisture and vitality.

Price: 30ml £38.00 (please note this is a luxury size in this months Glossybox)


Next is this full sized Toni & Guy Shine Gloss Serum which works to control frizz and boost shine as well. Its suitable for all hair types, it works brillantly to control frizz and help add shine to your locks too.

Full Size: £7.49


The last product i recieved in January's Glossybox is this Teeez Cosmetics Oasis Gem Lipstick which is a combination of highly pigmented coverage with a satin finish. The shade i recieved is this Oxyn Coral Shade, which again is an on-trend hue which is perfect for the months ahead. 

What's also amazing about this lipstick is that it has added Coconut Oil that helps keep your lips hydrated and nourished through out the day or night!!

Price: £11.93

I hope you guys enjoyed today's post on JANUARY GLOSSYBOX 2016. If you would like to sign up to Glossybox then just hit on the link here to do so,

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