Thursday, 19 November 2015


Hello my Lovelies,

First and foremost, i would like to start off today's post with a tribute to the people who lost there lives in the events that unfolded on Friday Night in Paris. I would like to send my condolence and prayers to the Family's and People effect by this awful tragedy.

Paris you are Beautiful. 
You are Proud and you are Strong. 

Hey guys and Welcome to today's post I hope you are all having a lovely day!! How was everyone's weekend , I hope you all had a nice one. On Friday evening I went into Dundrum to do a little shopping and went for a lovely meal too. We went to a restaurant called 'Dante' which is an Italian Restaurant which specialise in some rather gorgeous Italian Cuisine. For Stater's I had some Chicken Goujons with Garlic Mayonnaise dip. Then for my Main Course i had a Margarita Pizza with Sweetcorn and Chicken on top and a portion of Italian Fries. Then for Dessert I had a Kinda Bueno Milkshake from the ShakeShop which was yummy!! So overall i had a really good evening out, It was like an overdue Birthday treat as I didn't get a chance to go out over my Birthday.

And talking of Birthdays, for today's post I'm going to share with you all what i got for my Birthday which was last Sunday!!

So before I start off  with the pictures and all i firstly want to point out to you all that I am not showing off in anyway as to what I got given for my Birthday. I like reading these types of posts and I just thought i would share with you all what i got!!

So the first gift i received was this beautiful Beige/White Purse which is from Dunne Stores. It is of a Beige Color with White detail on either side of the purse along with a a Gold Bar detail across the front of it.

It has a lot of space to hold all my cards and money in with three dividers and a zipped pocket where i can keep any loose change i may have!!

Next up i got these gorgeous Beige Pumps with Gold detail to the front. These are a lovely natural shoe to wear with there nude color which will go well with any outfit.

I love the gold detail at the front of the shoe which looks really expensive. Also the pumps are fitted with a foot cushion on each of the shoes which is to the bottom of the shoe that helps if you suffer with soreness to the underneath of your foot including the ball of your foot which is positioned to the top part!!

I also got given the Aurora Band by Lindsey which is a Night Roller that you can leave in your hair over night and by the morning your hair will be curly. I'm not going to go into to much detail on this product as I'm planning on doing a Hair Tutorial using this Night Roller which is coming soon to the blog.

Next I got given this Baylis & Harding Aromatherapy Sleep Skin Spa Set which consists of a Lavender & Bergamot Shower Body Cleanser and a Rich Intensive Body Butter Cream.

I love using Lavender Fragrances just before bed so I can't wait to try this out!!

I also got this gorgeous Vintage Canvas Bag from my mum which has Mondes de Paris written on it including a number of fashion images designed on the bag.

Next I got my main present which was this gorgeous Tote Handbag which is from Papaya, this is a beautiful pattern designed bag which is in this lovely Apricot Color.

It also has a lot of detail including some gold plated design's around the handles and a gold plated 'O' design to the front of the bag.

The handles are also sturdy with them been designed using that gorgeous Aprocot colour.

Then inside of the bag there is a zip that opens up the bag to a lot of compartments, including the one main compartment, then  a separate one that comes with a zip then 2 smaller compartments to the side of the bag which is handy for keeping your purse and phone in. Then to the very back on the right side there is a small compartment which is ideal for keeping your driving licence in.

I love this bag, it is so ideal for bring to work with me or if i'm going on a night out!!

I also love the color of it too as its a bag that will go with any outfit!!

Another gift i received was a 20 euro voucher for Boots, a box of Lindor chocolates from Lindt and this Body Souffle from Ted Baker (which i can't wait to start using).

I also got given this cosy Lounge Socks which are from Dunne Stores.

And finally I received more vouchers which are from Penney's and Boots!! Most defiantly i'll be keeping them up until i start my Christmas Shopping.

Of course i also got some beautiful cards as well including some small Cream Birthday Cupcakes which were really yummy (as to why there is no pic of the cakes) Ha!!

I hope you guys enjoyed my Birthday Blog Post!!
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Until the next one


Love Louise x


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