Wednesday, 7 October 2015

MY WEEKEND DIARY!! {2.10.15 - 4.10.15}

Hello my Lovelies,

Happy Monday!! I hope you are all having a lovely day so far!! I received my E-badge for this years Professional Beauty Show in the post on Friday, is any of you going to it, if so i shall see you all their!! If you would like to attended this years show, then hit on the link here to register for tickets... Professional Beauty Ireland 11th & 12th October 2015 (RDS Dublin) . Anyway moving on today's post and after a busy weekend, i'm going to be sharing with you all 'My Weekend Diary' which is jam packed with a lot of fun stuff!!

Friday {2nd October 2015}

So Friday went a bit like this, I woke up early on Friday morning as i had to get the last few things packed for my Friends Hen Night as it was down in County Waterford. So I got up had breakfast, get dressed into my work clothes and packed the last few items!! Then it was time for work, so out the door it was!! I decided to take a half day from work as i wanted to get on the road early for our tip to Waterford. So I left work at one got home had something small to eat for lunch and gathered my few things together!! Now when it comes to going away for a weekend or a couple of days i pack quite a few things including loads of Make-up/Beauty products too, so there was no doubt that i had to use a large wheelie suitcase to fit all my clothes/shoes into!! Then for storing my Makeup in i used my Lancome Gold Travel case!!

 So my friends decided to collect me early as we wanted to beat the traffic as on a Friday afternoon it can be quite busy!!  The drive down was quite funny with lots of chats and music to help us along the way!! 

We finally reached our hotel The Fitzwilton which is a 4 Star Boutique Hotel just off Bridge Street in the heart of Waterford. On arrival to the reception we check in and went up to our room, the rooms were fabulous and very stylish. 

Also the rooms were quite big with a lot of wardrobe space which i so badly needed as my suitcase was ready to burst!! We got settled and unpacked our suitcases before meeting up with the rest of the Hen Party!! Then I soon as we said our hellos it was back up to our hotel room to change for our Evening Meal!! I decided to wear my Monochrome Mid long sleeve Top with a pair of Black/Leather Style Leggings and a pair of Black High-Heel Shoes!! 

Then for accessories i wore a Gold/Stone Necklace!!

We had our evening meal in the Hotels Restaurant 'Chef K's' which was gorgeous. 

For Starters I had Onion Rings as I'm not a big lover of Starters. 

For my Main Course I had Chicken Ballantine with Panchetta Crisps and on the side i had a side of Home-Cut Chips. 

Then for Dessert I had a Home-made Lemon Tart with Vanilla Bean Ice-Cream and Sweet Lemon Syrup. 

Overall the meal was delicious and very yummy plus the services was brilliant too!! Then after dinner it was into the bar for some much needed drinks!!

Saturday {3rd October 2015}

On Saturday morning we firstly had breakfast at our hotel and then we headed off for a game of Laser Tag in Tramore. This was so much and benefited a good workout too!! Then we headed off into town to browse through some of the shops that Waterford had to offer such as Penney's!! We then headed back to are hotel rooms to relax and get some much needed lunch.

After a nice relaxing rest it was time to get ready for the evening ahead, i decided to get a head start and have my shower whilst the rest of the gang had lunch down in the restaurant. I then done my Make-up, i decided to go for a Brown Smoky Eye Look with some nice contouring around my cheekbones and i also applied some Red Lipstick to finish off the evenings look!!

As I had brought nearly half my of my Make-up products with me i also done my friends make-up look too!! It was then off to the brides room for some bubble and a bit of a celebration chat, then we got our taxi to some greyhound racing where we had a three course meal whilst making a few lucky bets too. I in fact won the first five races which of course i was delighted with!! 

For the meal I firstly had Starters which was Home-made Vegetable Soup with Brown Bread, then for my Main Course I had a Fresh Gourmet Burger with Home-made Chips and then for Desert i had a Chocolate Roll with Vanilla Ice-cream....yummy!! Then after our meal and betting adventure it was then off to dance the night away at one of Waterford's night spots....Kazbar where there was a reserved space for all of us!! So as you can imagine we danced well into the night!!

Sunday (4th October 2015)

With some sore heads and sore feet it was time to get up early as it was home time. I decided to get up roughly around half 8 as i needed time to get dressed and of course most importantly get some Breakfast!! 

After getting dressed and all that good stuff it was time to head down to get breakfast, oh i'm going to miss the Fitzwilton Hotels Breakfast it is the nicest breakfast buffet i have every tasted!! After eating nearly half of the buffet, it was time to head back up to the hotel to finish off the rest of the packing. 

And then it was off to say goodbye to the rest of the girls and the bride herself as us three were travelling back home separately. Then it was time to check out and head home along with laughs and chats of the weekend!!

I hope you guys enjoyed my new posts on My Weekend Diary!! There is still a load more to come over the next couple of months so make sure to check them out!!

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