Thursday, 8 October 2015


Hello my Lovelies

Welcome to today's post, I hope you are all having a lovely day so far!! For today's one i'm going to share with you all my 'September Favourites' I can't believe we are already into October it seems the months are just flying by soon enough it will be Christmas......ahhhhhh

Moving on below i have chosen some of my favourite products that i have been loving for the month of September......

L'Oreal Skin Perfection Soothing Face Wash & Naobay Organic Face Toner

So my first favourite for the month of Septemeber is this L'Oreald Skin Perfection Soothing Gel-Cream Face Wash. My mum was doing a clear out on some of her beauty products and she had bought this a couple of weeks ago and never used it so of course she decided to pass it on to me!! And since then I haven't stopped using it since, i tend to use this mostly in the evenings as it removes my makeup and impurities. But what I really love about this product is how soft and silky it leaves my skin!! Also another firm favourite is this Naobay Natural & Organic Facial Cleanser which i received in my August Glossybox, this is again another product that i haven't stopped using on my skin. The product itself leaves my skin feeling refreshed and soft when used in the morning/evening. And whats even better about this product is that it removes traces of makeup while working as a cleanser...magic!!

Maria Nila Luminous Colour Hair Masque

Next is this Maria Nila Luminous Colour Hair Masque. I received this in Septembers Glossybox and it is amazing. I generally would use this in the evening time given the product enough time to work on my hair. Generally i would apply this when i have just washed my hair and then leave it in my hair for around 20 minutes or so!! Then i would rinse!! I have used this twice on my hair and it has left it feeling incredible soft and silky from root to tip!! This is defiantly a firm favourite for the month of September!!

Invisibobble Traceless Hair Rings

Another product/item that has made it into my September Favourites are these Invisibobble Traceless Hair Rings. Like the previous product i received these in September's Glossybox!! I have been using these all the time as i type this post I currently have my hair tied up with one. I find they are brilliant for keeping my hair in place even when i have tied it up in a 'messy bun'!! And what i also love about them is the fact that when you tie them up even in the tightest bun they wont leave a kink in my hair even if its in my hair throughout the night!!

Beautifully Scrumptious Body Butter 'Cookies & Cream

Next is this Beautifully Scrumptious Body Butter in the fragrance Cookies and Cream, i recently picked this up in Dealz for only €1.49 to try out as it smells delicious!! I love applying this too my skin in the evening time just after i shower as it helps me relax after a very long day at work!! It also moisturizes my skin and leaves it feeling very soft!! Also with the fragrance of Cookies and Cream I don't know whether to eat it or apply it too my skin!! 

Rimmel's 60 Seconds Super Shine 

My last favourite for the month of September is this Rimmel 60 Seconds Super Shine in the shade 335 'Gimme Some of That'. I love this shade it has Autumn/Winter written all over it!! It surely is the shade to be wearing now that we are in the Autumn/Winter Months. I love applying this too my nails as it drys in just 60 seconds which is really handy when your in a rush to go out somewhere and you only have a few seconds to do your nails!! 

I hope you guys enjoyed MY SEPTEMBER FAVOURITES POST!!

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Until the next one


Love Louise x


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