Tuesday, 27 October 2015


Hello my Lovelies,

Welcome to today's post. I hope you are all having a great day so far!! For today's one I'm going to share with you all my OCTOBER GLOSSYBOX. This months box looks a really exciting one with it filled with some TLC products to helps us along the autumn/winter days ahead!! Before I share with you all what I got in this months box, I do have to point out that I only received four products in this months box as I didn't receive the So Susan Highlighting Pencil, so instead Glossybox sent out two other products which i will be sharing with you below!!

So up first is the outer packaging which is a black box and the Glossybox logo on the front of it!!

Once the seal is ripped this months box is revealed which is a pink Glossybox this month!!

Up first is this months (Autumn Spell) editorial piece which is written by Evie Leatham saying that this months box contains five full-sized products that will illminate our complextion and treat our skin to some TLC with those cold days nearing closer!! 

Then on the back is a list and some information regarding the products in this months Glossybox!!


On to this months products and up first is this TALIKA PHOTO-HYDRA DAY CREAM, this product is a deeply hydrating moisturiser which is from the French brand Talika. As mentioned on the product list it states that it is a combination of soothing and nourishing ingredients alongside pumping hyaluronic acid that will leave your complexion hydrated and primed. Altogether this looks a really good product to use during these autumn/winter months ahead and i feel this will be the perfect product to use just before apply primer and my foundation.

Full Size: £24.85
Shop: talika.com/US/GB


Next is this NICKA K AIRBRUSH BLENDING SPONGE. I absolutely love Blending Sponges when applying my foundation so I was super happy to receive one in this months box. With this been a dome shaped sponge this will be ideal for getting into those nooks around the nose and eye area which can be a little tricky when using a foundation brush. 

Also with a blending sponge it allows you to use rolling motion which will leave your foundation/skin streak free.

Full Size: £6.50
Shop: nicka.com


The next product i received in this months box is this JELLY PONG PONG PLAY PAINT, This is a clever little product which works both on your face and on your lips. Like some of us our complexions our looking a little a dull these days but with this little product we now don't need to worry no more!! Simply dap on a small amount to your cheeks and a little on your lips for an instant flush of colour which will help your skin look radiant and glowing!!

Full Size: £8.95
Shop: jellypongpong.com


I also received this LANOLIPS BANANA BALM 3-IN-1. I love receiving lip balms/glosses for glossybox as they always seem to pick my favourite ones!! This moisturising and creamy textured balm is ideal for applying to your lips to condition and protect them with its natural ingredients. Most of all it leaves your lips feeling super soft and with a slight shimmer!!

Full Size: £8.99
Shop: boots.com 

Next is two products that I received from Glossybox as an aplogy for not recieving the So Susan Highlighter Pencil.


Up first is this FACE D -3- LURONICS ANTI DARK CIRCLES EYE CREAM. It states that this eye cream reduces dark circles in just 30 seconds while hyaluronic acid in 3 molecular weights and peptides work daily in reducing fine lines over time.

Full Size: £20.00


The last product I received in this months Glossybox is this ABSOLUTE EYESHADOW PRIMER which is oil free. It states that with its ultra creamy formula in evens out your skin tone around your eye area and keeps you eyeshadow crease free. It also keeps your favourite eyeshadow looking and lasting longer!!

Full Size: £4.99

I hope you all today's post on OCTOBER'S GLOSSYBLOX 2015!!

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Until the next one


Louise x


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