Wednesday, 2 September 2015

WHAT I ATE WEDNESDAY!! {02.09.2015}

Hello again my Lovelies,

Welcome to today's post, for today's one i'm going to be sharing with you all another edition of 'What I Ate Wednesday'!! 

If you guys want to find out what i have been eating this Wednesday then just keep scrolling down the page.......

Here's what i ate.....

Okay up first this morning it was....Breakfast, my breakfast's never change!!So like usual i had a bowl of Kelloggs Cornflakes with some Low Fat Milk and a sprinkle of Sugar!! Then to drink i had some Water mixed with Orange!! 

Mid-morning Snack 
For my mid-morning snack, i decided to get an Americano and Chocolate Cookie from my favorite deli, The BearPaw Deli from where i work close by too, they sell the most yummiest food ever!! If you guys are anywhere around the Delgany area or if your passing the town one of the days then do pop in to get a coffee and try some of their amazing food its to die for!! 

Okay after scoffing that amazing cookie it was time for some Lunch/Dinner. For today's main meal i had a Chicken Abbriatte which is basically Pasta and Chicken in an Italian Tomato Sauce!! Then on the side i had some Fried Potatoes which were very yummy indeed!!

Evening Snack
Final for an Evening Snack I had a cup of Hot Chocolate with Low Fat Milk!!

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Until the next one


Louise x


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