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Welcome to today's post, as you can all see from the post title above, I am going to be sharing with you all this post on 'Meeting Must Haves'!! I was recently approached by Michael from Meetingsbooker on writing up a post on Meeting Must Haves and today I'm going to share that post with you all!! I'm going to start off with a little introduction followed by some content on the following headings on Style. Make-up and Beauty essentials!!

Lets start from the beginning when it comes to a Meeting. Personally I have been to quite a few meetings in the past, some formal and some not so formal, but you still want to look your best and feel your best throughout them meetings that could be from a half an hour long to three hours long!!

First I'm going to start off with a good formal Meeting Outfit!! This is defiantly a Meeting Must Have which looks at appearance and image!! 

I personally like to go with a Suit, nothing can beat a Black Tailored Jacket, a White Shirt, a Pencil Skirt and a pair of comfy 3inch Heels!!

 This is a look that is formal yet very chic and that can work well for any meeting or work day look!! And of course to finish off a formal look for your meeting or work-day ahead, you need a smart Handbag to match which will carry around your 'Must Haves' in!! 

Organisational Items
When it comes to been organised for a Meeting, I always like to have a Filofax with me especially to outline meetings/appointments for the working week and also to take meeting notes in as well. 

I also like to have a Notepad on the side for any alternative notes I may need to take down for example any charts/diagrams that may be mentioned!! 

Sometimes I like to bring my Ipad with me so that I can research stuff on if I'm not able to access a computer/Laptop!! Pens are also another great thing to have with you, (pen's that work may I say) a nice Black Inked Pen is usually what I would write with so on a personally note I would have a 5 Pack of these in my bag when needed. Apart from Organisational Items I would general have a packed of Mints in my bag to keep my breath smelling fresh especially though out a meeting, quite essential I feel also to start off a meeting or work day you need that one main important thing.....COFFEE!! This will help and get you through a Work Day/Meeting any-time...FACT!!  

I'm now going to list a couple of Make-up 'Meeting Must Haves' which I find are essential to get me through a Meeting!!


Compact Foundation/Mattifying Powder 

I love to carry with me some Compact Foundation or Mattifying Powder to apply to my face to top-up on the Make-up that all ready have on my face. Its quite handy to carry around a Compact Foundation or Mattifying Powder when going to a meeting as its nice to refresh the face when half way through a meeting. I also find it handy in brining a long with me a Kabuki Brush instead of a Large Powder Brush when applying this product to my face as I feel that carrying Larger Brushes in my Bag take up quite a bit of space.


Mascara is another essential product to have with me throughout a meeting so that I can add some definition to my lashes during break. I love to use Mascara from Lancome especially these small traveling Mascaras which our handy to keep in my handbag for when I need to apply it to my lashes.


Another essential item that I would most defiantly have with me throughout meetings is a Quad Eye-shadow of the shades that I would be wearing to my meeting. I think having a range of warm brown shades can pull off a great look for any meeting and that is where i think this Rimmel Glam Eyes Quad in the shade 002 Smokey Brun comes in handy with it also containing an Eye Applicator too, so that I don't need to go rooting in my handbag for one!!


Eye-liner is another product that I like to have with me to keep my eye make-up lasting longer. I always feel it gives my eyes a more dramatic look. I love using the 'Long Lasting Eye-liner' in the shade 01 Black Fever from Essence as it stays on my eyes for hours without smudging.

Lipstick/Lip Balms 

Up next is of course Lipsticks/Lip Balms, these two products are most certainly an essential part to having with me when it comes to long haul meetings!! I always find that my Lips tend to dry up whilst talking throughout meetings, so I like to keep them moisturised and soft by applying Nivea's Hydro Care Lip Balm. Also to add more colour to my Lips I like to keep my Lancome Travel Sized Lipsticks in my bag, so that I can apply a little colour or top up on my Lips when needed.


I hate when as soon as I turn up for a meeting and my Nails decided to chip and then half of my nail polish has been removed from my nails. So I just carry with me my favourite Nail Shade that I already have on my nails so just in case if I do need to apply it, I can do in seconds. Personally I am loving this 60 Seconds Super Shine from Rimmel which I can apply to my nails and where it dries in seconds, this is a life saver to have with me throughout meetings!! Also its handy to keep this Little Nail Kit with me that provides a Nail File, Scissors and Nail Clipper so that if my nails decided to become sharp all of a sudden I can file them in seconds!!



Here I'm going to mention three products that I would most definitely have with me when going to meetings, Up first is this Sure Cotton Dry Roll-on Deodorant which I find is very much essential in applying to my underarms when going to a meeting, you never want to show up to a meeting sweating and of course smelling of Body Odor (BO) so that's where I find this small roll-on comes in handy when applying it to my underarms in seconds during a break to help in keeping me dry and smelling fresh!!  Next is some Body-spray which I love applying to my body through those very long meetings and this one from The Charlie Collection has a very sweet/floral smell to it which last's all day long in keeping me smelling gorgeous, which I love!!

Also another essential product that is a 'Meeting Must Have' is this Dry Shampoo from Batiste. This is a life saver for your hair especially in those very long meetings where your hair may need a bit of a kick start. This is a product that gives your hair a blast of instant refreshment with its Floral Blush Fragrance!! I love to apply this too my roots and comb through using a brush to give my hair a quick burst of freshness that gets rid of any excess oils that may occur throughout the day!! Here I have pictured a full sized Dry Shampoo, but what is even handier is that it comes in a Travel Sized version which is easier to carry around with you all day!! 

Now on to two other 'Meeting Must Haves' which I feel are vital to have with you through those meetings, up first is some Roll-on Perfume like my favourite perfume 'Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker'. Having a Roll-on Perfume in my bag is a essential to have especially when you need a blast of freshness, and with it been roll-on you don't have to worry about applying it during a meeting as its a product that has been discreetly designed to just roll-on to your skin than spraying it so that other attendants of the meeting don't get a spray of your favourite perfume. 

Also is some Hand-cream, time to time when half way through meetings and too much writing my hands can become tired and very much dry. I like to use a good hand cream which is why I love this one from 'Nougat London' which is a Nourishing Hand Cream of Fig & Pink Cedar that softens and protects my hands & nails at the same time. 

Well guys that is it for my 'Meeting Must Haves Post', I hope you all enjoined it, Thanks to Michael at #Meetingsbooker for giving me the chance to do this post on 'Meeting Must Haves' I have loved sharing with you all my Must Haves for a Meeting or the Working Week ahead!! To find out more information on Meetings Booker then log on to their website at

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