Tuesday, 29 September 2015


Hello my Lovelies,

I hope you are all having a beautiful day so far!! Look what arrived this morning.....September's Style Edition Glossybox with everything relating to style. Quoted by Glossybox's editor Evie Leatham 'Consider this your Starter Kit for the New Season'.

The Style Edition:

Outside of the Box:

On to the un-boxing of this months Style Edition Box, like usually this months outer packaging is a Black Glossybox packaging with of course Glossybox's logos on it too.

 Then by ripping the front part of the box, this months Glossybox is reveled. 

As its the Style Edition, there is beautiful illustrations to accompany the box with gorgeous tones of green to match the overall look of the box too!! 

Once I have popped the lid of the box, there is also a lovely quote by Rachel Zoe on the inside lid of the box that reads "Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak".

Inside the Box:

Now on to what is inside this months box, first and foremost this months inside packaging is grey paper with a pink ribbon!! 

First you get this months Editorial Piece which has a brief introduction and a guide on what products is in this months Style Edition Box!! Also with this months box, I also received this voucher from Best Secrets with €15.00 off your first purchase!! 

On to loosing the pink ribbon, this months box is finally revealed.......


Up first is this MARIA NILA LUMINOUS COLOUR HAIR MASQUE. This Hair Masque hails all the way from Stockholm in Sweden , packed with nourishing, strengthening and protecting ingredients that will enhance both coloured and natural hair, this will give you the glossiest locks ever. It also moisturises and nourishes the hair for a silkier smooth result!!

 I also love the smell of this product too with it containing Pomegranate extract and a Colour Gaurd Complex that protects hair!! Overall it looks really good product which I can not wait to try our on my hair!! 

Full Size 250ml: £18.95
Shop: www.sallyexpress.com


Next is some Make-up and its this BELLAPIERRE SHIMMER POWDER in the shade greige (which is a grey-meets-beige shade). 

Bellapierre's shimmery eyeshadow provides long-lasting colour, that doesn't smudge, fade or crease!! Overall it this Eyeshadow Shimmer looks really interesting and I feel I can create some rather nice make-up looks over Autumn and Winter!!

Full Size: £12.00
Shop: www.bellapierre.co.uk


Up next I received this MARSK EYESHADOW BRUSH PRO which consist of precisely shaped bristles that have been specially designed to help create that perfect on trend eye look this Autumn whether you're going for Subtle or Smokey!!

Full Size: £16.70
Shop: www.marsk.co.uk


On to some Hair Items, I received these clever INVISIBOBBLE TRACELESS HAIR RINGS that will secure my locks without leaving a kink- what ever style I create in my hair!! What's more, the smooth finish means they won't rub against the surface of my hair either, so they won't cause any damage or breakage!!

Full Size: £4.00
Shop: www.topshop.com


The final product I received in this months Style Edition Box was this B.COSMETICS SCULPTED CONTOUR KIT which is vegan and cruelty-free!! This handy duo highlights and defines your very best features. So when it comes to contouring the hollows of your cheeks and highlighting the underneath of your eyes, rest a sure because this is the product to have in your everyday make-up kit!!

Full Size: £10.49
Shop: www.superdrug.com

I hope you all today's post on Septembers 'Style Edition' Glossybox 2015'! To keep uptodate with everything going on at Stylish & Fabulous why not Check us Out on TWITTERFACEBOOKINSTAGRAM & PINTEREST !!

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Until the next one


Louise x


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