Monday, 10 August 2015


Hello my Lovelies,

I hope you are all having a lovely day, For today's post I am going to be sharing with you all another JULY FAVOURITES POST!! I can't believe we are in August already, last month seemed to have went in the blink of an eye!! One minute its July the next its August, I have quite a lot planned for this month on the blog and over on my YouTube channel, so watch this space!! 

Anyway's moving on to today's July Favourites Post, here i am going to be sharing with you all some of the products i have been raging about over the last month or so, to find out what products have made it into my favourites post then just keep scrolling down......

Up first its this SUPERDRUG STRAWBERRY & RASPBERRY SHOWER GEL, which i picked up on my trip up north to Donegal. Oh my these shower gels from Super Drug are divine!! I find that in the mornings this gives your skin a good kick start with its uplifing fruity aroma!! The shower gel leaves my skin feeling incredible soft, fresh and energised for the the day ahead. I have tried this in the Coconut & Orange Fragrances and have to say they are gorgeous too with thee aroma been so nice!!

My next favourite for the month of July is this SURE SHOWER FRESH ROLL-ON DEODORANT which contains motion sense that keeps your under arms feeling incredible dry and fresh for up to 48hrs!! I have using this for the past three weeks now and its really good especially when i do be sweating like mad when in the gym, at least i know my underarms or completed fresh and dry with this product doing its Job!!

Next is this MAX WHITE ONE TOOTHPASTE from COLGATE, i'm addicted to buying whiter for my teeth, i love having my teeth gleaming. I've been using this Max White Toothpaste for a few weeks now to keep my teeth white and i have to say its doing a great job keeping them nice and white, also what i love as well about this toothpaste is that it leaves a nice mint smell to your breath!!

On to two products that have made it into this months July Favourites and up first its this VICHY OLIGO 25 FOAMING CLEANSING FACE WASH. I got given this a while ago to try out on my skin, and only up to the last few weeks i have been using it on a most frequent basics. I tend to use it in the morning times before going to bed, as it refreshes my face throughout the night. Since using it the last few weeks i can notice that my face is a lot more softer and clearer!! Like the exfoliators i have used in the past, i love the smell of this face wash as it smells of a refreshing fragrance!!

The second of these two products is this VICHY OLIGO 25 ANTI DULL SKIN HYDRATING CREAM, which is similar to the face wash i mentioned above. I like applying this at night time to the skin. My skin can tend to be tired after a hectic day/night, so i like apply when i have days or nights like that to help give my skin a boost before heading to bed!! I also love the smell of the cream too, smells really refreshing!!

On to my last two favourite products for the month of July and up first is this MAYBELLINE NEW MATT MAKER MATTIFYING POWDER, i bought it in the shade 20 Nude Beige as its really near to my foundation shade!! I bought this as a substitute for my Translucent Powder, and i haven't looked back!! This powder is amazing, it instantly blends in seamlessly with my skin tone for a perfect matt finish look!! Even the texture to this product is brilliant and it leaves with a flawless looking finish which i love!!

My second last favourite is this NIVEA DAILY ESSENTIALS EXPRESS HYDRATION PRIMER, which i have been using the whole month of July!! I just picked this up by chance as my other moisturiser had ran out, so i needed to buy a new one,. So when i seen this i just knew i had to try it out! What I love about this product is the fact that it both has a Moisturiser and Primer all in one tub!! I love apply this to my skin in the mornings just after I have washed it with a face-wash,. Its a little miricale of a product in a little tub that not only hydrates my skin but prime's it before i apply any foundation!! It also leaves your skin feeling super soft and refreshed too!!

 I hope you guys enjoyed MY JULY FAVOURITES POST!! All products that I have mention above are available just click on the product name and it will bring you to the site as to where you can purchase them!!

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