Tuesday, 4 August 2015


Hello my Lovelies,

Welcome to today's post, i hope you our all having a beautiful day. My week has got a lot better with a nice delivery of this months Glossy Box and a Surprise Glossy Box too.

I recently ordered my first every Glossy Box there a couple of days ago. the reason i decided to sign up for this was basically because as I'm a big fan of all things 'French Chic' i was drawn to this months box because of its 'French Theme' which is illustrated by the wonderful and very talented Jamie Lee Reardin (who is this months 'Vive La France Glossy Box' Illustrator). 

When i ordered this months box, i had noticed that they had an amazing offer running where if you take out a GLOSSYBOX Subscription you get Two Boxes for only £15.00 that's to the value of £82.00 (which also includes delivery in the price too), so that means you get 10 products altogether for only £15.00 which is a bargain!! As you can tell i just couldn't resist but buying the two of them including the fabulous French themed box too!!

So first up I'm going to start off with this months July Glossy Box 'Vive La France' and then I'll share with you all the Surprise Glossy Box that i received later on in the Week!!

Introducing 'Vive La France'

First on to opening the box....This months box comes in this rather nice packaging which is a red box designed with Glossy Boxes logo on it!!

Then lifing the lid on the outer packaging, this months (July) box is revealed!! 

And this month it has a very French Feel to it, the design of the box is really appealing with images of the Eiffel Tower, Arc De Triomphe, Las Deux Magots and many more!! The box also contains the signature of this months Illustrator Jamie Lee Reardin which is placed at the side of the box!! 

Also on the left side and back of the box there is an illustration of a French Woman 'Mademoiselle Glossy' which accompanies this months French Themed Box!!

Now to the exciting part.....what does the box contain.....

Opening the lid on the box, first you get is this Welcoming Card, which welcomes you the Glossy Box World, followed by a beautiful picture of the Eiffel Tower and Vive La France written across it. 

On the back of that card you get an introduction into this months illustrator 'Jamie Lee Reardin'. I have to say i love the front image of the Eiffel Tower. With me loving nearly everything to do with France, especially Paris i might put that picture into a frame and hang it on my office wall as it looks really cute!! Then finally you also get a welcoming piece from 'Mademoiselle Glossy' herself introducing you to this months July's Glossy Box and then on the back you get a list containing information/pricing on the products you received in this months box!!

Next you untie the white ribbon and red paper to reveal this months goodies......

Up first i got this very....very cute 'GLOSSYBOX EXCLUSIVE TRAVEL POUCH' which is illustrated by the wonder Jamie Lee Reardin!! 

This very chic Travel Pouch has a zip lock which is ideal to keep your beauty essentials safe in while travelling, especially if your going though security in the Airports or you can use it for your everyday make-up to store in which i probably will use it for as the zip on my own cosmetic bag has broke :-( !!
Price £3.99

Next you get not 1 but 2 of these VICHY IDEAL SOLEIL TINTED VELVETY BB CREAM

For some reason i got given two of these to try out!! This product looks quite good, the Ideal Soleil is for lighter coverage throughout the summer days, which is defiantly handy to have as you don't want to be wearing a full face of make-up ie Foundation to the beach on hot days, so this product seems quite light to apply to the skin to give you good coverage!! Also with the Iconic French Brand 'Vichy' it also states that it contains SPF 50 to shield your face from the sun and thermal water to boost hydration to the skin!! All in all it seems a really good product and I can't wait to try this one out!! Full Size Price £15.50

Staying with Face Care and next up I got this TEOXANE COSMECEUTICALS PERFECT SKIN REFINER

This beautiful little product contains Hyaluronic acid to plump and hydrate the skin, the Glycolic Acid helps to resurface this skin and calming ingredients to reduce any irritation that may occur on the skin!! This product is visibly effective to rapidly increase the quality of the skin!!
 Full Size Prize £70.00

Next i got this NOXIDOXI ENHANCING SERUM BASE, which is from the Bordeaux born brand Noxidoxi. 

This product contains a CRC6 Moisturising complex that hydrates the skins surface and with a cocktail of Antioxidants and Anti-inflammatories that help protect the skin!! One of the evenings their i used a small amount of this on my skin and have to say it felt gorgeous afterwards, so i can't wait to try it out on a daily basics so i can review it for all of you as to how good of a product it is!!
Full Size Price £33.46

Now on to the last product that i received in this months July Glossy Box and its this LOLLIPOPS LIP BALM DELICIEUSE

As I'm a big lover of Lip Balms, i am most certainly in my element here, it states on the product list that its a rich and creamy balm that immediately soothes and softens the lips. And that it also protects the lips from UV Damage which is most certainly essential to have within these summer months. I also find this a handy little product to keep in your handbag so you can keep your lips hydrated throughout the day!!
Full Size Price £4.15

I hope you guys enjoyed JULY'S GLOSSY BOX BLOG!! All products that I have mention above are available just click on the product name and it will bring you to the site as to where you can purchase them!!

Also why not Check Out today's Vlog on this months July's Glossy Box which is now live here......

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