Tuesday, 18 August 2015


Hello my Lovelies.....

Welcome along to this beautiful post, for today's one I'm going to be sharing with you all this Mini Beauty Haul, which combines of a few beauty items that i picked up over the weekend!! So to find out what i bought then just keep scrolling down the page........

First up i bought this Garnier's Micellar Cleansing Water, i love this stuff i think that's why i keep buying it all the time!! This probably the best product Garnier has ever brought out on to the beauty market as one of there best facial cleansing product ever!! 
This is the product to have in your beauty collection if you want to remove your makeup in seconds,  with just a small amount on a cleansing pad this straight gets to work in removing all your makeup including mascara (which sometimes i find even hard removing with a facial wipe) My lovelies, if you haven't tried out this product then what are you waiting for, pop into your local pharmacy/supermarket today to one up!! I bought this on offer in my local pharmacy Sam McCauleys for only €3.84 from €7.69

I also picked up this Alberto Balsam Super-fruit Conditioner for strengthening Hair!! This has an exotic fragrance to it which is gorgeous. I decided to buy this as i already bought the Shampoo, so now i have the conditioner to match!! Using the Shampoo, this leaves my hair nice and shiny, but also it leaves it feeling healthy and smelling gorgeous too!! I bought this in my local Tesco Store for only €1.90 (that is also the same price for the shampoo too)

On to some Dry Shampoo, I've been getting little low on Dry Shampoo so i decided to take a sneaky trip into Boots over the weekend to see what deals they had on their Dry Shampoo.

And i came across a deal they were running on their own brand of Dry Shampoo. So i picked up two of Boots Dry Shampoo in the fragrance Paradise Island which is a like a tropical smell. I bought 2 for only €4.00 which was a bargain!!

Next i picked up some Cotton Wool Pads from Tesco for only 65 cent, i buy these all the time!! I generally use them for when I'm taking off my Make-up using my Misceller Water!!

I also picked up a new Toothbrush which is the Colgate Pro Gum Health Tootbrush in my favorite color PINK!! I bought this in Tesco as it was on offer for only €1.99.

On to some Make-up now and i picked up this Essence Eye-brow Designer (in the shade 001 Black Velvet) which i use on my brows, i bought this for only €1.89.

 Also i grabbed a bottle of my favourite body spray in Tesco in the fragrance PINK for only 89 cent, who says you need to spend a fortune on body spray!!

Up next is some Make-up Brushes i picked up in my local pharmacy Sam McCauleys. They were having a sale on these Technic Makeup Brushes, so i decided to pick up three of them: 

The first one i picked up was this Double Sided Smokey Eye Brush which was €2.50

The second brush i picked up was this Blusher Brush which was only €1.50!!

The final make-up brush i bought was this Concealer Brush for only €1.00.

I hope you guys enjoyed My Mini Beauty Haul!!

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Until the next one



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