Tuesday, 21 July 2015


Hi my Lovelies,

I hope you are all having a lovely day!!

For today's Beauty Tuesday Blog Post, i'm going to share with you all this SUPERDRUG & BOOTS HAUL!! I decided to combine the two together to make the haul a lot bigger!!

Up first is these three products which i bought from Boots, I picked up my favourite BATISTE DRY SHAMPOO in the fragrance Floral & Flirty Blush, I picked up the 400ml one as it was on offer from €6.79 to €4.53, so with it at that price i decided to buy 2 of them as i love using this on my hair in between washes!! 

I also picked up this L'OREAL ELVIVE COLOUR PROTECT SHAMPOO, as i colour my hair i find that this type of shampoo helps keep my colour looking more vibrant!! I bought this for €5.09 at Boots!!

Next i bought these two shower gels/creams, the first one i got was this STRAWBERRY & RASPBERRY FRAGRANCE and this COCONUT SHOWER CREAM FRAGRANCE!! 

I bought this both in SUPERDRUG for only €1.95 as there was offer on when you bought two of them, saving you 55cent!!

I also bought these two Hair Colours. At the minute Superdrug is have a few offers on there Hair Colours and i managed to pick up these two GARNIER NUTRISSE CREME HAIR COLOURANTS in the shade 1 BLACK as this is the colour i use in my hair!! I bought these two for €11.45.

Next I then picked up this CHARLIE BODY SPRAY in the fragrance PINK, i bought this for only €1.00 from €1.69 in Boots!! 

I also got these SUPERDRUG CLEANSING FACIAL WIPES for Normal Skin for only €1.25.

I also got these two INSTANT COLOUR HAIR SPRAYS which i picked up in SUPERDRUG!! I was walking past the aisle at spotted these and i decided to buy them to try them out on my hair when it becomes lighter like spraying it on the roots of my hair as they start to become lighter quite quick (as I'm a natural brown). I bought these for only €3.75 as you bought one and got the other free, they come in a range of shades to suit all hair colours so why not pop along to superdrug to find your shade!! 

The last two items that i bought were these two SUPERDRUG FACE MASKS, i did buy three of them as they had an offer on were you bought 3 for the price of 2 but i was really kind and i gave one to my friend who likes using facemasks!! 

So the first one i bought was this SUPERFRUITS EXFOLIATING MASK and this CHOCOLATE ORANGE SELF-HEATING MASK for only €2.50!!

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Stay Stylish and Fabulous xx

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