Sunday, 14 June 2015


Hello Guys,

I hope you all our having a wonderful day!! As I type this it is currently Sunday, and what a day it is here in Ireland.....the sun is shining wahoo, So i have just came back from a very long walk and I've decided to sit down and do up a quick blog for you guys as i haven't done one in ages

So as i have a couple of minutes spare i have decided to share with you a quick blog on my MORNING/EVENING FACE CARE ROUTINE!! I haven't done one of these in quite a while so i just opted for today to share it with you all!! First i am going to start off by sharing with you my Morning Routine followed by my Evening here we go.....

My Morning Routine goes a bit like this, as i work 5 day's a week i am generally up very early in the morning around 7 or so!! First i use a Facial Scrub, the scrub that i have been using over the passed couple of months is this CUCUMBER FACIAL SCRUB from Tesco, 

I firstly pour a small amount on to my hands and then scrub into my face, i then rinse with warm water or if i'm in a rush i will just get a face clot and rinse under the tap and then ripe the scrub from my face!! Once i have done that i then pat dry and apply my favourite Face Cream at the minute which is NIVEA DAILY ESSENTIALS EXPRESS HYDRATION PRIMER which moisturises and provides a smooth base to apply your Make-up, I have been using this for a while now and i have to say it leaves your skin feeling soft and ready for the day ahead!! 

So skipping my EVENING ROUTINE, this is the part i love, removing my Makeup!! I firstly take a face wipe and remove the majority of my make-up first!! 

I then take a couple of cotton pads and use LANCOME GALATEIS DOUCEUR (a gentle softening cleanses fluid), I then use LANCOME'S IONIQUE DOUCEUR (softening hydrating toner) on my face too!! 

Once all that is done I then apply some LANCOME HYDRA ZEN FACE CREAM, this is a soothing anti-stress moisturising cream which i love applying to my face at night. Also one last beauty item that i love both using in the morning/evening time is this BOOTS ESSENTIALS EYE GEL, which reduces puffiness and also lightly hydrates too!! 

Well guys that is it for my MORNING/EVENING FACE CARE ROUTINE!! , I hope you guys enjoyed taking a look at the products i use on a weekly basics for my face care routines!!  Make sure to CHECK OUT MY TWITTERFACEBOOKINSTAGRAM & PINTEREST PAGES to keep up to date with Stylish and Fabulous!!

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Stay Stylish and Fabulous xx

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