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Hi Guys

Long time no see, as you guys can already guess I decided to take a month's break from blogging!! But i'm back now and rearing to go on get blogs/vlogs done over the next couple of months. For today's Blog Post i'm going to share with you all a bit of a 'Catch up Blog' as to what i have been doing over the last month or so!!

Anyway guys how has everyone's January and February been?? Mine has been quite a busy one as for the reason I haven't been blogging!! So let me go through as to what has been happening, well you guys will have already known i recently got a new job in October which i am still working away and keeping me busy. I have also starting a evening course in doing Book-keeping/Accounts which does be on in college 1 evening per week. The course is coinciding with my job, which i am loving, i was never a person that was good at Maths in school, but since i started my new job i'm loving everything to do with accounts!! :-)

Apart from my Job + Evening Course, I recently signed up to the GYM!! I'm a member of THE GLENVIEW HEALTH CLUB, I joined in January (just after Christmas) and I love it!! I started off in the month of January working out on what I wanted to do, but after a while i got a bit bored of doing the same thing and not knowing what exercises where good for me or not!! So I decided to talk to one of the trainers there on getting a assessment done (best idea every) he talked over that they set out a program for what suits you!!

So i decided to book one, on the day of the assessment i had a good chat with my trainer/instructor, and he went over a few things with me on how it works. Next it was on to Measurements/Weight and Height, this does be done so they can monitor how you are doing through out your program!! Next it was on to the all important program!! So at this stage the trainer/instructor aloud me to look over the program before i headed up to the gym and this is where you can see if you are comfortable with everything you are going to be doing!! Next its GYM TIME, at this stage i have looked over everything and i'm comfortable with everything i'm going to be doing so its time for my trainer/instructor to show me the right way of doing my workouts.

 As I'm typing this, i have just booked my 2nd assessment which means i'm coming to the end of my first program. But i'll give you all a clear view on what my first program was all about,

Basically i was instructed to do:

  • 5 MINUTES WARM UP ON THE CROSSTRAINER (this gives you a boost of energy and gets your body warmed up for the main workout!!)
  • 10-12 SETS OF A RANGE OF WORKOUTS ON THE CABLES (for the main workout its everything from Falling Forward, Squats, and Pulling yourself in on the cables, your arms do be quite sore after that but after a few times you eventually get use to it!!)
  • 2K ROW ON THE ROWER + TRY TO DO IT WITHIN 10 MINUTES (next is the Rower, a 2k row which i like or should i say try to do in under 10 Minutes, last time out on this i did it in 9 minutes 14 seconds that's a full 14 seconds took off my time!!)
Here's a sneak peek at the Workout Program itself: 

So that's been my own workout program for the past 3 weeks now, and one day this week coming i'll be starting my 2nd program which i can't wait to try as you kinda get a little bored of the same routine so it's always nice to mix things up by changing to a new one!!

As i have became so obsessed with the gym I decided to buy a MYZONE BELT , these belts are amazing i used one of these in my assessment and loved how it tracked my heart rate & calories!! Here's a little info on these belts:  

MYZONE is a chest strap (belt) and monitoring system that transmits your Heart Rate, Calories and Effort in real time to a live display and wireless uploads that send data to a log book that can be accessed through the MYZONE LITE APP!! Personally if you guys are in a gym at the minute and the MYZONE belts are available, i would defiantly recommend that you get one as they are brilliant for tracking your heart rate and of course how many calories you have burned off in your workouts. 

What I love the most about them is you can set yourself targets, i like doing my workout and then when i'm finished i look up on my phone as to how much i have done (ie Calories, Meps) and then the following day i like to try and beat what i have done on the previous workout!!

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