Tuesday, 4 November 2014


Hi Guys and Welcome to today's blog, I hope you all had a lovely weekend. Sorry there hasn't been many blog posts been uploaded here on Stylish and Fabulous, that's mainly because I have had such a busy month. I recently took up a new job and I have been busy focusing on that, but don't worry..... because I AM BACK here on Stylish and Fabulous bringing you a load more blogs and vlogs here on my blog and over on my channel!!

Lets begin....So last month I attended the Professional Beauty Event in the RDS Dublin, What a fun day it was, I was in BEAUTY HEAVEN. There were so many things to see and do!! Browsing through Make-up was my favourite out of everything,

Anyway's I also bought a couple of Make-up Products along the way....which I am going to share with you all....

Up first I bought this...do I need to explain...I think every beauty blogger out there has one....yes its the one the only CROWN BRUSH 10 COLOR CONCEALER PALETTE.

I have wanted to get one of this for such a long time, as I am all about contouring and highlighting the different parts of the face. Now I have one!!

Its a basic black plastic container with 10 Concealer shades, from light to dark. The texture is really silky and the pigment is really rich in colour. I bought this from the Crown Brush stand for only €18.00 which was great for such a fantastic Make-up product.

Next up I called into my favourite stand of the whole entire beauty show, (can't remember the name) but they sale 5 Broujois Make-up products for only €20.00 which is a bargain, as each item would only cost you €5.00.

The first item I picked up was this HEALTHY MIX FOUNDATION FROM BOURJOIS in the shade 58, Although they didn't have this in my shade.

I decided to go for this one as it will come in handy for contouring, a dark foundation is always ideal,


 I have been using this for a long time on my lashes, and I just love it. It gives great volume and defines them.

I then bought this BOURJOIS MAXI DELIGHT BRONZER in the shade 02 TANNED SKIN, I love Bronzes especially when it comes to finishing off contouring.

 I like to apply a small amount of bronzer to the cheek bones to expose the cheek bone,

Next I then picked up another favourite, BOURJOIS BLUSHER, I got this in the shade 34 Rose D'or,

I love there Blushers that's the reason I keep coming back to buy Blushers.

Finally I picked up another MASCARA, this time its BOURJOIS VOLUME CLUBBING ULTRA BLACK MASCARA, I haven't seen this before so I'm looking forward to using it!!

Well guys that is it for MY PROFESSIONAL BEAUTY SHOW HAUL!! Make sure to CHECK OUT MY TWITTERFACEBOOKINSTAGRAM & PINTEREST PAGES to keep up to date with Stylish and Fabulous!! 

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Stay Stylish and Fabulous xx

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