Friday, 3 October 2014


Hi Guys, Welcome to today's blog post, I hope you are all having a lovely day!! Its nearly the weekend, I all hope you have a nice one!! I'm gonna have a great weekend, looking forward to the Professional Beauty Event that is happening in the RDS Dublin...can't wait to look at some great makeup!! Anyway back to today's blog, and for today's one I'm going to be sharing with you all this very overdue PRIMARK SHOPPING HAUL which I done back around 2 months ago as to Belfast for the day!!

lets get to it!!

So the first item out of my bag, is these LEOPARD PRINTED FLATS which I bought for only £5.00 in Primark. I love Leopard print and I think they will go well with a top I have in my wardrobe,

Next I got this plain PINK TANK TOP, which I bought for only £1.50.

I then got this PINK WOOL TOP than was on offer in there summer sale, I bought this for only £3.00 as it was down on offer from £6.00.

On to another pair of shoes and this time I got these BLACK LEOPARD PRINT FLATS for only £5.00

Next I got this LEOPARD PRINTED HEADBAND, for only £1.50.

On to some more clothes, and I got this BOYFRIEND PINK TOP, for only £5.00.

Next I picked up these COSY FOOTLETS which our blue with white polko-dots, I bought these for only £2.50.

I also bought a GREY WOOL TOP same as the previous one, which I bought for only £3.00 from £6.00.

Next I also got this BLACK PLAIN TANK TOP for only £2.00.

On to some stuff I bought in the Irish version of Primark (Penney's) 

First I picked up this GREY AND PINK STRIPED JUMPER, which I bought for only €8.00.

Next I picked up these 7 PAIRS OF COTTON RICH ANKLE SOCKS, which I bought for only €3.00.

I also bought this VANILLA REED DIFFUSER for only €1.50

Lastly for Penney's was this PET BANDANNA which is for my little bichon Jack, I bought this for only €2.00.

I have also thrown this two clothing items in to the blog....

And they are this BLACK AND WHITE STRIPED TOP WITH SHIRT DETAIL, which I bought in TESCO for only €8.00 from €16..00.

I also bought this 2 PAIRS OF BLACK LEGGINGS for only €10.00 as they were reduced from €14.99 in New Look.  

If you would like to see this vlog in full,,,,here it is...

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