Friday, 4 July 2014


Hi Guys and Welcome to today's Blog Post, I hope you are all having a really nice day!! First I want to say HAPPY 4TH OF JULY TO EVERYONE!! 

Sorry I didn't get to get a blog post up their on Wednesday and yesterday, I had quite a busy two days. On Wednesday I was in IKEA, looking at some new furniture and storage. After over 3 hours in there, I eventually finished shopping and came out with a couple of things, I bought some new chairs for our kitchen table (as I needed to get new ones), some new cushion cover seating for them too, a new Pink Office Chair (which I love)....and a load of other items too..I will share them with you all in a Blog Post during next week!!

Here was a pic of how overloaded our trolley was #WayToMuchStuff.....

Anyway enough about my shopping trip to IKEA on to today's blog post and for today's one I'm going to be sharing with you guys this really EASY AND SIMPLE JULY 4TH NAIL ART LOOK which I am wearing on my Nails today!!

So first up I'm using some NAIL REMOVER, just to remove any old nail polish that may be on my nails!! ah look....lovely and clean now!!

Next I then apply some HAND AND NAIL CREAM, the one I'm using is from LACURA, which smells gorgeous and is super soft on your hands!!

Now on to my NAIL ART DESIGNS, so as today is Independence Day, I'm going with shades related to the USA (blue, red and white) and some glitter nail polish too.


Before I apply any nail polish to my nails, I firstly look at what kind of design do I want on my nails. I've decided to go for a combination of the American Flag and Polka Dots.

After deciding what design I want on my nails, I then take my RED NAIL POLISH (ESSENCE 114 FAME FATAL) and my BLUE NAIL POLISH ( ESSENCE 76 HARD TO RESIST) and apply it to my nails. 

Next I start the on the design for my Thump Nail where I created a Red and White Polka Dot design using my ESSENCE RED NAIL POLISH  and my BIOCURA WHITE NAIL POLISH. After already applying the Red Nail Polish to my nails, I then take my White Nail Polish and apply dots to my nail creating a Polka Dot effect.

On to my Index Finger Nail, for this design I wanted to create the American Flag on my Nail. After already applying my Red Nail Polish, I then apply my White Biocura Nail Polish to my nails creating strips on my nails. Then at the tip of my nail, I then apply my Blue Essence Shade and some white dots!!

For my Middle Finger Nail, as I have already applied Red Nail Polish to my nail, I then apply some White strips to my nail and some Glitter Nail Polish from NYC Colour to the top part of my nail.

On to my Fourth Nail, I decided to go for another Polka Dot look using my Blue Essence Nail Polish and my Biocura White Nail Polish, I applied this look the same way as the one I have mentioned above!!

Now on to my Little Finger Nail, for this design look I went for a Glitter Nail Look using my Red Essence Nail Polish and my NYC Colour Glitter Nail Polish!!

And Ta'da here is my MY JULY 4TH NAIL ART LOOK!!

I hope you guys all like MY JULY 4TH NAIL ART LOOK!! Make sure to CHECK OUT MY TWITTERFACEBOOKINSTAGRAM & PINTEREST PAGES to keep up to date with Stylish and Fabulous!!

I hope you all have a great weekend guys and I'll talk to you all again in Monday's Blog!!


Stay Stylish and Fabulous xx

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