Friday, 25 July 2014


Hey Guys and Welcome to today's blog post, I hope you are all having a lovely day.The weather here today is gorgeous out...I think a trip to beach is much needed. I hope you guys all have lovely plans for the weekend!! On to today's blog post as today is can only mean its....FASHION FRIDAY, and for today's one, I'm going to be sharing with you all this MINI PENNEY'S SHOPPING HAUL!! 

Basically I did a bit of Shopping in Penney's there 2 weeks ago the same time I went to 'The Cosmetic Outlet', I only bought a couple of things. I also bought some other items elsewhere which I am going to be sharing with you all in today's blog post.

So up first I bought this PLAIN BLACK TANK TOP, which I find is ideal for wearing on them hot days, especially with the weather here in Ireland been really warm at the minute!! I bought this for only €3.00!!

Next I picked up these....NEON ORANGE FLIP-FLOPS for only €3.00, which have little bows on the side of each flip-flop.  I bought a pair of these a month ago, so I just decided to pick up another pair!!

I also bought these 50 BLACK HAIR CLIPS for only €1.50, I tend to tie my hair most of the time and they come in handy in keeping my hair tied up.

Next I got a pair of BLACK LEGGINGS which I bought for €4.00.

The last item I bought in Penney's was this BLACK/WHITE PRINTED KIMONO, I had been looking for one of these for the past month or so. I wanted one that was affordable not to expensive, so when I seen this one I know I had to have it!! I bought this for €15.00 which was fantastic!! The material is lovely and light which is great as its quite warm over in Ireland at the moment!!

Here is an closer look of the print on this Kimono!!

On to some items that I bought elsewhere....

So up first I bought another pair of FLIP-FLOPS!! This time I bought them in TESCO for only
€3.75. I bought these as I have been looking in shops for quite a while for a pair of Black ones, but its been pretty hard in finding a pair, so I opted to buying these, which I think will go well with my Kimono.

 Lastly I bought this gorgeous STATEMENT FLOWER NECKLACE by DAISY & EVE which is from EVANS for €10.00 as it was on offer from €25.00!!

 I so wanted this Necklace when I seen it!! I love the colours of the flowers that are on it...Peach, Mint Green, White and some Diamonds.


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Have a great weekend, and I'll chat to you all again in Monday's Blog Post

Stay Stylish and Fabulous xx

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