Tuesday, 22 July 2014


Hi Guys and Welcome to today's blog post, I hope you our all having a wonderful day!! Yesterday I went out shopping to pick up a few Beauty Items (not a lot of stuff). I just picked a few beauty essentials that I was out of such as Cotton Pads for my Face and some Face Cream. One other product I did picked up was this New GARNIER MICELLAR CLEANSING WATER that I seen in TESCO. The price was €6.29, but it was on offer so I bought it for €4.19....Oh I do love a good offer!!

Here's a pic of it...(don't worry I will be sharing this with you all in next weeks BEAUTY TUESDAY BLOG POST!!

For today's blog post I wanted to share with you some Makeup/Beauty Products that I bought in today's Beauty Tuesday Blog Post!!

Up first I bought this SUPERSTAY BETTER SKIN FOUNDATION by MAYBELLINE. I actually bought this by chance as I was running low on the regular foundation I use!! I was going to buy the Dream Satin Liquid in 004 Ivory but then I seen the SUPERSTAY BETTER SKIN FOUNDATION and thought why not give it a go. As they didn't have my normal shade in it, I opted to go for the shade 021 Nude and to be honest there isn't much of a different in the shade, its just a little bit dark but that's about it!!
I bought both of these in TESCO for €8.00 each as it was on offer!!

Next I bought L'OREAL ELVIVE FULL RESTORE 5 REPAIRING SHAMPOO AND CONDITIONER. If you all don't already know from looking at my blogs, I tend to change my Shampoo/Conditioner about a million times!! haha...well maybe not that amount of times!! But yes I do change it all the time...I tend to use one lot and then I just get fed up of using it and change to a different one!! This time I have decided to give this Full Restore 5 Repairing Shampoo/Conditioner ago, I bought this in TESCO for only €2.89 as it was on offer!!

The next item I bought was this PALMOLIVE AROMA THERAPY SHOWER GEL, I'm a huge fan of Shower Gels/Creams that smell gorgeous and this one certainly does!! This shower gel is infused with Ylang-Ylang and Iris!! I bought this for only €1.29 in TESCO. Another Item I bought was this DOVE PURELY PAMPERING BODY WASH which has the scent of COCONUT MILK WITH JASMINE PETALS in it...I bought this also in TESCO for only €1.49 as it was on offer!!

The last two items that I bought were these two BATISTE DRY SHAMPOO (FLORAL & FLIRTY BLUSH) if you have already read my blogs in the past, you will have already seen that I am HUGE fan of this Dry Shampoo. I bought this for only €2.49 each in ALDI'S, with it been at that price I just had to buy two of them!! :-)

I hope you all enjoyed THIS WEEKS BEAUTY TUESDAY BLOG POST!! Make sure to CHECK OUT MY TWITTERFACEBOOKINSTAGRAM & PINTEREST PAGES to keep up to date with Stylish and Fabulous!!


Stay Stylish and Fabulous xx

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