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Summer Turquoise Smokey Eye Tutorial

Hi guys and welcome to Wednesday's blog, I hope you all our having a great day where ever you are in the world.  For today's blog I'm going to be doing a step by step tutorial on getting this great Summer Turquoise Smokey Eye look.  Below you will find pictures of the step by step guide, I will also be including information on the products I have used to create this look.  Also Check out Wednesday's vlog I'll leave the link below!!
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Summer Turquoise Smokey Eye Tutorial

So here is my version of a Summer Turquoise Smokey Eye look, below you will find a step by step tutorial on how to get this gorgeous summer look. 
First I'm going to start off with what I use on my face, I use Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid (light porcelain 004) because it gives a real air-brush finish. Now that its summer I like to mix my foundation with the moisturiser I'm using,  which is Garnier Moisture Match SPF20, because it gives your face a tint of both foundation & moisturiser.  Next I use Isadora Mineral Foundation Powder (06 medium biscuit) along with some blusher to finish off my look by Bourjois Blush (34 Rose D'or).

Here is some of the make-up products I used to create the look...

This is the colour pallet I will be using it is from Argos and its called 'Pretty Pink' the shades in which I'm using our a soft white shade, a baby blue shade and a turquoise shade.

I'm also using a dark brown shade to give that real depth of a Smokey look.

I'm also using Lancôme Hypnose 'Doll Eyes' Mascara, Essence Long Lasting Eye Pencil and Essence Liquid Eyeliner.

My Step by Step Guide

 Step 1 First apply a primer to your eyelids ( in my case I didn't have any left, so I had to use a tiny bit of foundation as a base coat)

Step 2 Then apply the soft white shade around your eyelid and to the top part of your eye with your eye shadow brush.

Step 3 Next apply the baby blue shade using an eye shadow applicator, apply evenly around the eye lid.

Step 4 Next apply the turquoise shade using your blending brush.  Start at the corner of your eye and in circular motion apply around the crease of your eyelid.  Then start blending the shade around your eyelid to create a real smoky look.

Step 5 Next take the dark brown shade and apply to the crease of your eye with a blending brush.

Step 6 With your blending brush bring the turquoise shade down towards the underneath of your eye, to give that real smoky look at the edge of your eye.

Step 7 Next take a Liquid Eyeliner, the one I'm using is by Essence.  Apply it to your eyelid over your lashes, try and do this really straight to give your eyes a more sleeker look

Step 8 Next apply your eyeliner to the bottom eyelid, the one I'm using is Essence Long Lasting Eyeliner which I find is brilliant.

Step 9 Then apply your mascara, the one that I'm using is Lancôme Hypnose 'Doll Eyes', which gives your eyes a doll lash effect.

 To finally finish off the look I decided to apply a soft pink lip-gloss to my lips, the one that I'm using is by Estee Lauder, High Gloss, 13 Berry, which is my favourite.

 and ta'da

Here's the link to Wednesday's Vlog...

 Hope you enjoyed the tomorrow x

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