Wednesday, 10 July 2013


Hi everyone and welcome to Wednesday’s blog, I hope you all are having a lovely day.  The weather here in Ireland is gorgeous.  So I wanted to share with you guys that I have set up a YouTube channel called ‘Stylish and Fabulous', where I will be uploading videos on beauty, fashion, lifestyle, tutorials, shopping and a load more other stuff too.  You can catch my vlogs on a Monday, Wednesday and a Friday. This bog here will still stay the same from Monday to Friday, I will also upload any info or pics I use in the vlogs on to this blog so that you’re all updated.  I hope you all enjoy the vlogs and please share if you can, also please leave comments or tweet me on my twitter page below.  I will leave all the links there for you guys.
Thank you & Enjoy
Stay Stylish and Fabulous


So for today’s blog (Wednesday) I’m going to be talking about some Online Shopping I did during last week. As Debenhams were having their blue cross sale, I decided to pop online and a have a nose at some of the items they had on sale.
 First I came across a Jon Richard Pink Enamel And Crystal Flamingo Bird Brooch which is absolutely gorgeous. The detail is amazing on the brooch, I particularly like the small crystals on it, and it’s also a lovely accessory to wear with an outfit. This was a bargain at just €7.10 from €18.00, which was fantastic.

The next item I purchased was this beautiful large mock croc tote bag from Julien Macdonald's designer Star range.  I totally fell in love with this bag as soon as I seen it, the bag is a natural colour which can go with any outfit it will also be great using the bag throughtout the whole summer. 
 I love the whole design of the bag with it adorned with a large branded padlock and has lovely patent handles. The bag also comes with a detachable and adjustable body strap.
The inside to the bag has a spacious three section interior, the material is lovely on the inside with a link and star design which blends in really well with the whole design of the bag. 

The price of the bag was €45.00 from €91.00 which was an astonishing offer.
The final item I purchased was these gorgeous Gold Graphic stud earrings from Principles by Ben de Lisi. I decide to get these earrings because they looked really nice.  Now unfortunately I didn’t realise the size of the actual stud until I got them delivered but anyways I think they our gorgeous the detail is brilliant and they also hang really well on my ears. 

 I do however find that these type of earrings could be worn in the winter time, due to the look of them. The price I paid for these earrings was €3.80 from €12.00 which was incredible cheap.
Now another bit of shopping news (that I didn't do online) was I wanted to let you guys in on, is that Boots our having a good sale on their makeup and hair colours with Buy 1 get the 2nd Half Price.  I decided to have a tip into Boots on Saturday and as I dye my own hair I picked up 2 L’Oreal in Feira Colours for only €11.83. The first one I bought was priced at €7.89 and the second one was €3.94 which was amazing, the shade in which I use is 20 Blackest Black.

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