Friday, 19 July 2013

My Top 5 Buys of the Week & My Favourite Buy

Hi guys and welcome to Friday's blog.  For today's blog I'm going to be sharing with all of you my Top 5 Buys of the Week and my Favourite Buy. Oh don't forget to check out Friday's Vlog, I'll leave the link below for all of you.  Anyway's have a great weekend, and I'll talk to you all again on Monday.
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My Top 5 Buys of the Week & My Favourite Buy!!


1. Imperial Leather 'Japanese Spa Shower Cream'

My first purchase was Imperial Leather Japanese Spa Shower Cream.  It is a new rich, thick and twice as creamy shower cream.  It has a luxury recipe of  green tea, rice milk and jasmine.  I haven't tried it out on my skin yet, but it is meant to leave your skin feeling soft and very smooth.  A selection of these shower creams are currently down in price, this is available at most Tesco Stores.

2. Dove 'go fresh'

My second purchase was Dove's 'go fresh'.  It contains a fragrance of grapefruit and lemongrass which smells gorgeous, it also gives 48hr protection.  With it containing moisturising cream and vitamin E, it improves the look and the feel of your underarm. I bought this during the week there and it was reduced in price at my local Tesco Store.  So check out your nearest store to see if the offer is still on!!

3.  Garnier New Simply Essentials Cleansing Wipes

My third purchase was these Simply Essentials Cleansing Wipes from Garnier, I haven't yet tried this out on my skin. These type of wipes are enriched with plant extract and vitamin E, they remove make-up and leave your skin glowing.  They are also suitable for sensitive skin. This wipes our available in most Tesco Stores.

4. Earrings

I bought this earrings at a carboot sale last weekend. Funny enough they our actually my birth stone 'Topaz' as I was born in November.  They are really nice, they're not expensive earrings just dress up earrings.  They were only 1 euro or 1.50.

5. Essence Liquid Eyeliner

My fifth purchase is this Liquid Eyeliner by Essence, it is in a cool design.  It provides fast-drying and long lasting results. It also gives your eyes high definition eye contours and its also waterproof too.  It even has a new applicator which makes it easier to apply to your eyes. This along with other essence products are available at most DocMorris Stores and other Essence retailers.

My Favourite Buy!!

And my Favourite Buy of the Essence Liquid Eyeliner.
This is well worth buying if you want high definition eye contours.  I would definitely recommend you guys to check out other Essence products too as they are very affordable and are fantastic to use to create a great look.
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