Tuesday, 9 July 2013

My Top 3 Tanning Moisturisers & My Top 3 Sun Lotions for SUMMER!!

Hi everyone and welcome to Tuesday’s blog, I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend. The weather here in Ireland was gorgeous throughout the weekend for once…long may it continue.  First of all I want to apologise for not uploading Monday’s blog yesterday.  That was due to me working on a bit of a surprise I have planned for tomorrow.  I will be filling you in on everything in tomorrow's blog.  Anyways back to today’s blog and as the sun is shining today, I thought it would be a good idea to share with you guys my Top 3 Gradual Tanning Moisturisers and My Top 3 Sun Lotions for SUMMER!!
Enjoy and I’ll talk to you guys again tomorrow
Stay Stylish and Fabulous x

My Top 3 Gradual Tanning Moisturisers

So as its summer, it’s now time to show off that gorgeous tanned skin that you have…If you haven’t got a tan yet and if that round circle in the sky doesn’t look like it’s going be coming out anytime soon. Then fear not, here I have picked my Top 3 Gradual Tanning Moisturisers to help you get that beautifully looking tanned skin without haven’t to spend a fortune…..

NO 1 Garnier Summerbody ‘Moisturising Lotion Sun-kissed Look’

This Garnier Summerbody lotion is number one in my Top 3, with its daily body moisturiser it leaves your skin feeling soft and supple with an added benefit of a naturally sun-kissed look. It is specially devolved for lighter skin tones and gradually builds a naturally looking tan with your skin tone.  Also with the natural extract of Apricot it smells gorgeous too.  This is a fantastic buy if you want to build a gradually looking tan on your skin, the price is also very reasonable at €6.99.

NO 2 Dove Summer Glow Normal to Dark Skin 250ml


In Second place is Dove Summer Glow which is again perfect for gradually building a beautiful tan with its subtle self-tanner.   The Nourishing Lotion not only helps build a beautiful tan, but also contains a unique DeepCare complex that includes natural skin nutrients and a rich essential oil to help gradually improve your skin starting deep down.  The lotion absorbs really well to your skin and it also smells lovely too.  So now you can have a beautiful summer glow all year round. The price is €6.69.

NO 3 Johnson’s Holiday Skin Body Lotion Fair to Medium Skin 250ml

In third place is Johnson’s Holiday Skin Body Lotion, which is for fair to medium skin.  This lotion gives a 24 hour moisturisation and a natural looking tan.  With it enriched with Aloe Vera, this daily lotion gives skin a healthy moisture boost.  A gorgeous glow will  then develop after 3-4 days and will have to be maintained with continued daily use.  The price is also again very reasonable at €5.89
Most of these tanning lotions are available at most supermarkets and pharmacies.

My Top 3 Sun Lotions for Summer.

Here I have chosen my Top 3 Sun Lotions to keep you protected throughout summer.

NO 1 Hawaiian Tropic Protective Sun Spray Lotion

This is definitely my number one sun lotion for this summer with its coconut scent.  The lotion provides advanced UVA & UVB protection and replenishes your skin.  It is also very easy to apply, not greasy, smells great, very water resistant and helps you get a great tan.  The one I’m using is SPF 8 Low, but there is higher SPF’s in this range available at most Supermarkets and Pharmacies. The price was €8.99

NO 2 Nivea Sun Protect and Bronze

My second placed sun lotion is Nivea Sun Protect and Bronze, this lotion combines reliable protection ad gives you a natural looking tan.  It is easy to apply to skin, it has an extra light formula and it’s also non greasy.  It also has UVA/UVB filter system, has immediate protection and is water resistant.  The one that I have pictured above is 10 Low and it is also a 200ml bottle. The price was €10.19, and there is higher SPF’s in this range available at most Supermarkets and Pharmacies.

NO 3 Boots Soltan Moisturising Suncare Lotion

My third placed sun lotion is Boots Soltan Moisturising Suncare Lotion.  This lotion easily absorbs into your skin and it also leaves you having silky soft skin.  The sun lotion also has extra benefits too such as been water resistant, non-pore blocking and also includes patented antioxidant complex to help protect against deep down skin damage. The one that I have pictured above is SPF 8 Low and it is also a 200ml.  The price was €12.99, and there is higher SPF’s in this range available at most Boots Stores.
I hope you all enjoy today’s blog and take care if you’re out in sun too.

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