Thursday, 25 July 2013

My Top 3 Summer Hair Styles!!

Hi guys and welcome to Thursday's blog, I hope you our all having a wonderful day.  For today's blog I'm going to be sharing with all of you my Top 3 Summer Hair Styles to do in your hair for them lovely sunny days.
Stay Stylish and Fabulous x


NO 1 A Side Plait

This is my take on a Summer Side Plait
First tie your hair into a ponytail and bring it around to the side of your head.
Next divide your hair into three sections.
Take one section of your hair and put over the middle section.  Then put the next section over both and repeat the same again until your plait is complete.
And there you have a perfect Summer Side Plait!!

NO 2 Classic Bun

This is my take on a Classic Bun.
First tie your hair in to a pony tail.
Separate the pony tail in two pieces
Take the two pieces and simply tie them in a knot (do a double knot if you have very long hair like me)
Then pull the two knotted sides up to the top of the bun and cross them over one another.  Wrap the two pieces under the bun securing it with as many bobby pins that you have.
And there you have it my take on a Classic Bun!!

NO 3 Simple Summer Curls

Here is my take on getting Simple Summer Curls.
First take a hair wand, if you don't have one a basic hair styling tongs will do
Divide your hair into sections, then take one section and wrap around your hair wand (Styling Tongs). Hold for a couple of seconds and then let go, do this to all other sections until complete.
Apply some hair spray to hold the curls together (if you want to create a wavy look use a brush and brush through the curls to get this look!!)
And Ta'da Simple Summer Curls

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