Monday, 22 July 2013

My Morning & Night Facial Cleansing Routine

Hi Guys and Welcome to Monday's Blog & Vlog, I hope you all had a fantastic weekend. For today's blog I'm going to be sharing with all of you my Morning and Night Facial Cleansing Routine.  We all have different ways of removing make-up and dead skin cells from our face, we also have so many different moisturising creams too for keeping our skin looking healthier.  So for Monday's blog I'm going to be showing all of you the products in which I use and I will also be sharing some tips along the way.  You can also check out today's vlog, I'll leave the link below.


Stay Stylish and Fabulous x


My Morning Facial Cleansing Routine

First I'm going to start with my morning facial cleansing routine.  One thing is for sure some of us don't have that much time in the morning, not even to brush our hair never mind do a full facial cleanse.  So here I have a step by step quick routine in which I do each morning which you guys can follow:

Here it go's....

Step 1 Just as I wake up in the morning I like to use an exfoliaition scrub to not only exfoliatied my skin but to WAKE me up!! The exfoliation scrub i'm using at the moment is Tesco's own brand containing Vitamin E and Cucumber, which smells gorgeous. Apply the scrub to your face and massage then rinse with warm water and then dry.  This exfoliator leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth, also the price is really good too at just €1.05. Available at most Tesco Stores.
Step 2 Next I then use a facial wipe to remove any dirt left behind on my face, I tend to wipe around my neck especially.  Here I'm using Garnier Simple Essential wipes, if you haven't got any handy a baby wipe can do too.  These Garnier Simple Essentials Wipes are only €1.99.  Available at most supermarkets & pharmacies.
Step 3 Next I then apply my favourite moisturiser which is Garnier Moisture Match with SPF 20. I apply the cream to my forehead, my chin and to the sides of my face. I then massage into my skin until dry.  The price of Garnier Moisture Match is €3.99 and is available at most supermarkets & pharmacies.
Step 4 Lastly I then use Lancôme Youth Activator, which is a serum formula that helps your skin stay smoother and radiant.  I generally use a few drops of this around my eye area, my chin area and the sides of my face too.  I then massage in, as this dries quite quick there's no need to wait around until it dries which gives you enough time to apply your makeup. This is available at a range of Pharmacies.


My Night Facial Cleansing Routine

Now I'm going to share with all of you my Night Facial Cleansing Routine which I have been doing for years.  I like to remove all make-up from my face before bedtime, as I feel its essential for keeping beautiful young skin.  So here I have a step by step quick routine in which I do each night which you guys can follow:
Step 1 First I apply some Garnier Simply Essentials 2in1 make-up remover to my face.  I start off by applying it to the main parts of my face such as my forehead and my neck area. With it been a 2in1 make-up remover its combined with an removing oil (blue liquid) and cleansing water (clear water), which is great for my face.
Step 2 Next I apply Olay Essentials Conditioning Milk to my face.  This is a great conditioning milk for removing dirt and make-up from my face.  This is available at a range of supermarkets and pharmacies.
Step 3 I then apply Olay Essentials Refreshing Toner to my face.  I usually apply into my face and neck, it also gives a lovely refreshing feel.  This is available at a range of supermarkets and pharmacies.
Step 4 Finally I apply my moisturiser to my face, in my case I use Lancôme Hydra Zen which is an anti-stress moisturising cream. It is a 24hr intense moisturiser with SPF 15, it also leaves your face feeling soft and looking luminous. I apply this moisturiser to my face and neck, I also massage it in to my skin.  This is available at a range pharmacies.
I hope you all enjoyed my Morning and Night Facial Routine.
Here's the Link to My Morning Time Facial Routine Vlog

My Night Time Facial Routine Vlog

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