Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Home Hair Colouring!!

Hi guys and welcome to Tuesday's blog, I hope you all our having a wonderful day. For today's blog I'm going to be sharing with you a step by step guide into how I colour my hair.  For today's hair colouring I got some help from my aunt as I can never seem to reach the back of my hair especially when it comes to colouring and to the fact I have long hair..

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Home Hair Colouring

We all can't afford to go to hairdressers/salons everytime to get a hair colour done.  But by trying out home hair colouring this not only gives you a great colour but will save you a lot of money too.  If you our thinking about doing home hair colouring  please make sure to always do a skin allergy test 48 hours before using on your hair.
If you pass the skin allergy test then continue with colouring your hair....
This is my chosen hair colour L'Oreal Feria by Preference 20 Blackest Black.
Step 1 Preparation, first I cover my shoulders with a towel to protect my clothes.  I then start to pour the colorant gel into the developer bottle, next I then pour the high shine concentrate into the developer bottle as well and then I shake until all mixed.
Step 2 Next apply the colour mixture to your hair starting with your roots.  I usually part my hair into small even sections, then spread over the rest of my hair. Then I massage the mixture all through my hair.  Then leave for 30 minutes
Step 3 If you do get some of the colour on your skin clean off with a dame cloth, I usually use a cotton wool pad and warm water to remove the colour from my skin.
Step 4 Now that the colour has reached 30 minutes, I then rinse and then use L'Oreal Preference High Shine Conditioner, which I then leave for 2 minutes.
and Ta'Da

I'm delighted with how my hair turned out, silky and shiny.
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