Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Eye Shadow Tutorial & Nail Polish Shade of the Day

HI everyone and welcome to Wednesday’s blog, I hope all of you our having a lovely day. It’s nice and sunny here in Ireland, fingers crossed it stays this way for a while so we can all start wearing our beautiful summer clothes.  So for today’s blog I’m going to be showing you a soft purple Smokey eye shadow tutorial and my nail polish shade of the day.
Stay Stylish and Fabulous x
Eye Shadow Tutorial!!
Soft Purple Smokey Eye
So for today’s make up look I’ve decided to go for a super soft purple Smokey eye shadow look.  I love using purple eye shadows as they tend to show off my green eyes that bit more.  So for today’s blog I’m going to show you all in a step by step tutorial how you can get that soft purple Smokey eye shadow look.
So here’s what I used to achieve this look
My Active Eye Shadow Pallet
‘Next’ Midnight Eye Pallet (I will be using the shade Graphite)
Bourjois Paris 72 Ambre a Paupieres (purple shade)
Essence Multi Action False Lashes Mascara
Essence Long Lasing Eye Pencil (01 Black Fever)
Step 1 I always like to use a tiny bit of foundation around the top and bottom of my eye just to give it a base coat before I start. 
Step 2 I then take my brush and use a mid-dark lilac shade from my Active eye shadow pallet.  I then apply it to my eyelid and to the top part of my eye like so.
Step 3 Next I apply Bourjois Paris 72 to my eyelids.

Step 4 I then take my eye shadow brush and apply the shade Graphite (a dark grey) from my Next Midnight Eye Pallet.  For this type of smokiness I like to apply this shade to the eye socket part of my eye and then smudge it up over my eye to create a real Smokey look.
Step 5 Next I apply my favourite eye liner, which is Essence Long Lasting Eye Pencil. I like to create a longer eye line, by applying it deeper to the end of my eye.
Step 6 Finally I then apply Essence Multi Action False Lashes Mascara to my eyelashes, I like this type of mascara as It gives my lashes great length.
And there you have it Super Soft Purple Smokey Eyes
I would love to know how you all got on with this tutorial, so please leave a comment below….
My Nail Polish Shade of the Day!!

As I’m going with the whole purple theme.  I’ve decided to finish off my look by using Essence Multi Dimension Nail Polish, 63 Purple Cherry. I have to say I love this colour, it also applies really well to my nails, I would however apply 2 coats so that you can see that real purple shade. This shade along with all other essence products are available at most DocMorris Pharmacy’s and other pharmacies.

63 Purple Cherry

Enjoy x

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