Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Wednesday's Blog

Hi everyone and welcome to Wednesday’s blog! Had a lovely day yesterday meeting up with one of my best friends and her baby daughter, who is now 5 months old (where does the time go).  Anyway I hope everyone is having a lovely day, today here in Ireland the sun is shining for once which is fantastic.  So for today’s blog I’ve decided to switch from beauty and Fashion to blogging about Food (let’s just call it Wednesday’s Food Blog).  First I’m going to be sharing with all of you this new yogurt drink I’ve came across, that tastes absolutely divine and as it’s sunny out today I’ve decided to try out ‘ A Homemade Summer Salad' which I will be sharing with you all. 
Hope you all enjoy today’s blog.
Stay Stylish and Fabulous x

Have you tried….'Good Heaven’s' Drinking Yogurt!!

I wanted to share with you all this new drinking Yogurt from ‘Good Heaven’s which I bought yesterday.  I have to say I’m not a big lover of yogurts or yogurt drinks but this ‘Good Heaven’s Drinking Yogurt’ has made me do a U-turn, it’s absolutely divine with its strawberry flavour.  The taste is rich, smooth and fruity.  I will defiantly be buying these Drinking Yogurts from now on, and it also contains less than 100 calories per bottle which puts a small on my face. I would defiantly recommend trying these drinking yogurts as they are so tasty!!
A Homemade Summer Salad Recipe
As it’s a lovely summer’s day out today, I’ve decided to swap my normal lunch and make my own Homemade Summer Salad. If you wold like to make this salad, below you will find the recipe including what you’ll need. 
Hope you enjoy My Homemade Summer Salad Recipe!!
You’ll need:
 Frist chop up the lettuce and put it into the bowl
Next slice a yellow pepper, 3 spring onions
Then slice 1 red onion and add 2 tablespoons of Sweetcorn
Next slice the cherry tomatoes and put into the bowl
Finally as I don’t like adding sauces or olive oil to salads, I like to add sesame seeds to the salad which I love.
Lastly if your like me I love to have my salad with a poppy seed bagel and sliced chicken, which is very YUMMY!!
enjoy x

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