Thursday, 20 June 2013

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Hi everyone and welcome to Wednesdays blog…I hope everyone is having a fantastic day.  Here in Ireland it is sunny and very warm, with the weather been so nice I decided to head to the beach with a friend.  The beach in which we chose to go too was absolutely beautiful, one of the best in Ireland in my opinion, the sand was golden and the sea was so clear.  So for today’s blog I’ve decided to keep it with the beach theme and show off some cool pics I took, including what I wore for my day at the beach.
Stay Stylish and Fabulous

A day at the Beach…..
So here are a couple of pics I took at the beach today of the sea and the view in which we had....


can't wait to visit this place again....
What I wore to the Beach!!
As it was quite a warm day at the beach today I decided to wear a bikini and a pair of wedges.  I also had some accessories with me too which I will show below.  I will also leave a comment on where I purchased each of the items for my beach wear look….
As I didn't have a matching bikini spare, I had to mix it up a bit by using two different pieces. I bought both of these pieces from Tesco's Clothing Range F&F which is usually known as Florence & Fred, I can't really remember how much each piece was but they weren't that expensive.
These wedges are perfect for wearing in the summer, I bought these in a store called Evans for around 30 euro around three or four years ago and there still going strong from nights out to walking along the beach in.
Both these items our essential for summer, the bag is perfect for carrying your purse and car keys in.  I purchased this bag from the Tesco Clothing Range for only €3 in a sale (I think).  As for the sunglasses I purchased them in Dunne Stores for as little as €6 which was fantastic, their great in the sun and our also very good to see out through when driving.
I will leave you with a picture of all items together!!
Enjoy x



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