Monday, 17 June 2013

Monday's Blog


Hi EVERYONE...and Welcome to Monday's Blog....i hope everyone had a great weekend....i had a fantastic weekend..i went into town (dublin) for a meetup with the SacconeJolys and itsJudysLife, which was held in Dandelion bar and it was AMAZING to finally meet them in person.. such lovely people..if you have'nt heard of these guys they our well worth checkng can find them on youtube, twitter and facebook.. i'm a very BIG fan of them!! After the meetup i headed down to the citycentre i popped in to penneys, where i had a quick look at some of their summer clothes...i have to say they do have some lovely pieces and some quite quirky stuff too in for todays blog i decided to do a Tip of the Day and i also decided to do a Shopping Haul of the items in which i bought on Saturday, i will leave the prices of each item above the pictues. 
Until tomorrow
Stay Stylish and Fabulous x


Lemons + Dry Hands!!
If you suffer from dry hands, then here is a good tip to make your hands nice and soft again. Squeeze the juice of a lemon into a bowl of warm water. Then put your hands into the soothing mixture. Leave your hands in the water bowl for two to three minutes, then dry them off and pour a little olive oil into the palm of your hand. Gently rub in the olive oil; massaging it into your hands….and there you have it super soft hands all with the help of a LEMON!!


So here's what i bought, see prices above....enjoy x
1.  First up i picked up this gorgeous baby pink summer top with a black design running through it, the fabric is cotten which is lovely and soft. as there was no price tag on it, i actually ended up getting it for 3 euro as it was in a sale in which they had. Penneys Price= €3.00
2.  The second item in which i picked up was 2 pairs of flip flops which i feel is a must have for summer or if your like us here in Ireland maybe just to wear around the house as it seems to forget to stop raining here throughout summer hehe. Nice design too with one pair been of pink and white strips, and the other pair which our navy, you can get them in a selection of other colours too, i just felt these ones looked quite cute. Penneys Price=€2.50
3.  The third item i picked up was an accessory hanger in pink which i'm going to use to hang some of my long necklaces on. i feel these hangers are quite useful for not only jewellery but also for any keys you may have. Penneys Price=€2.50
4.  The fourth item i picked up was a pair of really cheap exfoliating gloves, which i find our brilliant for getting rid of dead skin cells on my skin, they leave my skin looking and feeling great especially if i use a rich moisturised shower wash. Penneys Price=€1.50
5.  The fifth item i picked up was a 5 pairs of shoe liners (socks) which our in a range of colours. from grey to pink. Penneys Price= €3.00....I also picked up 2 pairs of seamless footies which our great for using when your wearing flats or a pair of heels, they our also a lovely fit too and you can even keep a spare pair in your handbag if you feel you need too. Penneys Price= €1.50 per pair
6.  The sixth item i picked up was a set of 3 combs, as i have long hair i suffer from a lot of knots which happens quite a lot even when i wash my hair, so i'm gonna give these a go to see if my hair can become knot free. Penneys Price=€1.50

7.  The next item i picked up was an Owl designed Mug, when i seen this i just had to have it, i love the design and colours of it even the box is so cute, check out more designs in store as they have a range of different ones to suite. Penneys Price=€2.00


 8.  The last item i bought was a beautiful peach top which is made of a cotten.  Can't wait to wear it out next weekend. Penneys Price=€8.00

Thats it for the shopping haul hope you guys liked what i bought, check out any of the items in a store near you!!

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