Friday, 3 July 2015


Hello Guys 

Another month has flown by too quickly, which means its a well overdue Monthly Favourites post!! Its been quite a long time since my last favourites post, but with a little spare time on my hands i decided i would share with you all what i have been loving over the past month!! 

Keep scrolling to find out my faves for the month of JUNE!! 

So the first favourite i have been loving this month is this PANTENE PRO-V COLOUR SAVIOUR DRY SHAMPOO, i picked this up in my local supermarket a couple of months ago to try it out on my hair!! I have to say the results were good, what i love about it is that it gives my hair an instant refreshment and it also protects my colour as well which I'm delighted with!! 

My second fave is this VASELINE SHEER INFUSION BODY LOTION, which i have been applying to my skin after every wash. It leaves my skin feeling soft and silky!!

On to some FACE-CARE PRODUCTS and my first fave here is this GARNIER MICELLAR CLEANSING WATER, which I'm totally in love with!! This has to be the quickest and easiest product i have used in a long time for removing make-up so fast!! All i have to do is apply a small amount to a cotton pad and remove all my make-up including mascara from my face!! Easy!!

Next is a product which i have been using for the past couple of weeks and i have to say its fab!! Its this NIVEA DAILY ESSENTIALS EXPRESS HYDRATION PRIMER MOISTURISER, which not only moisturises my face but also provides a smooth base to apply my make-up on. I tend to use this just before heading to the office, so I can then apply my make-up without haven't to apply an actual primer!! Early mornings are so easy now!!

Now on to some MAKE-UP PRODUCTS.....up first is this REVLON PHOTOREADY SKINLIGHTS FACE ILLUMINATOR, I love mixing this product with my favourite Foundation as it creates a glow on my face backed up with the Photoready Skinlights product!!

My Second favourite product is this MAKE-UP GALLERY 'GOOD TO GLOW' MATTE BRONZER which I bought in Dealz. I have been using this since the summer has begun, and have to say its a really good supper soft bronzer which gives your skin a natural glow!!

Well guys that is it for my JUNE FAVOURITES!! , I hope you guys enjoyed taking a look a back on my favourite products for the month of July!!  

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Until the next one 

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Sunday, 14 June 2015


Hello Guys,

I hope you all our having a wonderful day!! As I type this it is currently Sunday, and what a day it is here in Ireland.....the sun is shining wahoo, So i have just came back from a very long walk and I've decided to sit down and do up a quick blog for you guys as i haven't done one in ages

So as i have a couple of minutes spare i have decided to share with you a quick blog on my MORNING/EVENING FACE CARE ROUTINE!! I haven't done one of these in quite a while so i just opted for today to share it with you all!! First i am going to start off by sharing with you my Morning Routine followed by my Evening here we go.....

My Morning Routine goes a bit like this, as i work 5 day's a week i am generally up very early in the morning around 7 or so!! First i use a Facial Scrub, the scrub that i have been using over the passed couple of months is this CUCUMBER FACIAL SCRUB from Tesco, 

I firstly pour a small amount on to my hands and then scrub into my face, i then rinse with warm water or if i'm in a rush i will just get a face clot and rinse under the tap and then ripe the scrub from my face!! Once i have done that i then pat dry and apply my favourite Face Cream at the minute which is NIVEA DAILY ESSENTIALS EXPRESS HYDRATION PRIMER which moisturises and provides a smooth base to apply your Make-up, I have been using this for a while now and i have to say it leaves your skin feeling soft and ready for the day ahead!! 

So skipping my EVENING ROUTINE, this is the part i love, removing my Makeup!! I firstly take a face wipe and remove the majority of my make-up first!! 

I then take a couple of cotton pads and use LANCOME GALATEIS DOUCEUR (a gentle softening cleanses fluid), I then use LANCOME'S IONIQUE DOUCEUR (softening hydrating toner) on my face too!! 

Once all that is done I then apply some LANCOME HYDRA ZEN FACE CREAM, this is a soothing anti-stress moisturising cream which i love applying to my face at night. Also one last beauty item that i love both using in the morning/evening time is this BOOTS ESSENTIALS EYE GEL, which reduces puffiness and also lightly hydrates too!! 

Well guys that is it for my MORNING/EVENING FACE CARE ROUTINE!! , I hope you guys enjoyed taking a look at the products i use on a weekly basics for my face care routines!!  Make sure to CHECK OUT MY TWITTERFACEBOOKINSTAGRAM & PINTEREST PAGES to keep up to date with Stylish and Fabulous!!

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Stay Stylish and Fabulous xx

Wednesday, 27 May 2015


Hello Lovelies

Welcome to today's blog post, how is everyone's day, I hope you are all having a nice one!! I'm going to do a well overdue blog post.....and today's one is going to be a PENNEY'S (PRIMARK) SHOPPING HAUL!!

So lets get to it........

First I'm going to share with you some GYM WEAR i picked up, since i joined the gym i can't stop buying gym clothes, i love wearing comfy clothes to the gym however a good workout bra plus workout top doesn't go a miss when working out in the gym!! Here's the following Gym items i picked up from description to price.......


I also picked up this PLAIN BLACK SWIM SUIT for only €5.00, this is ideal for wearing to the swimming pool or bringing with you on holidays. Penney's have now got a huge range of swim wear in store now!!

Next on to some SHOES!!......did i every say i love buying shoes, especially flats and with it been spring they are the perfect shoe to match with any outfit!!


On to some Leggings, first i picked up a couple of pairs of Black Leggings (in fact i picked up 5 pairs) I also bought this really cool Printed Elephant Black/White Leggings which would look perfect with a plain black top!!


Next i picked up a some new PJ'S, now that the evenings are getting a little warmer, i decided to pick up a new Shorts Pj's. It comes with a pair of shorts and a campi top which is in a polko dot design!!


Now on to some ACCESSORIES/MAKEUP that i picked up along the way


Next i picked up this gorgous CORAL LONG SLEEVE TOP, which i bought for only €8.00, what i love about this top is the detail to the bottom of it. The top has a cotton feel to it with a silk material to the end of the top giving it a look of 2 tops in one!!

I also picked up a pair of BLACK SUNGLASSES as Penney's (Primark) have a fantasic range in store now, i bought these for only €3.00 which was a bargain for such a stylish pair!!

On to some non-penneys item and its this gorgeous GOLD AND BLACK STONE MATCHING (NECKLACE & EARING SET) which i bought from the Daisy and Eve range @ Evans, i got this for only €4.50 from €15.00!! BARGAIN!!

Well guys that is it for my PENNEY'S SHOPPING HAUL, I hope you guys enjoyed looking at the items that i have shared with you all!!  Make sure to CHECK OUT MY TWITTERFACEBOOKINSTAGRAM & PINTEREST PAGES to keep up to date with Stylish and Fabulous!!

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Stay Stylish and Fabulous xx

Tuesday, 31 March 2015


HEY GUYS......


Thursday, 26 March 2015


Hi Guys

Welcome back to my blog, i hope you are all having a lovely day!! As i type this i'm in work currently on the sly doing some blogging while working but the boss doesn't mind!! :-) Anyway's how was everyone's weekend, I hope you all had a lovely one. I was meant to have got this blog posted there last weekend but something came up which meant putting it on hold for another week. Anyway if you guys follow me on FB, Twitter or Instagram you all would have seen that i attended the #IRISHBEAUTYSHOW in the RDS last Sunday. This was my first time going to this event!! Myself and my friend attended it, the place was packed and i mean PACKED, you couldn't even see the Crown Brush Stall!! Luckily i had done a bit of home work on what retailers where attending so i picked out what i wanted to look mostly at the event!!

So we arrived just a little after 11 O'Clock, reason been me trying to find a parking space around the Ballsbridge area of Dublin, but to no avail there was not a street parking space to be seen, so i ended up parking in the Leinster Stadium Car park (just 2 mins from where the event was been held!! As we made our way up to the event there was rows of people queuing up to get into the event, lucky for me and my friend i had registered my blog online a week before the event was been issued with fast track tickets (in better terms we got in quicker). :-)

So by the time we got our tickets scanned it was time to enter the all important event. We were in BEAUTY HEAVEN!!
As the majority of retails that were there showing off there products, a lot were focusing around clients that owned Beauty Salons, Hairdressers, Sole Traders within the Beauty Market. From a bloggers point of view it was quite interesting to see how you could go about staring up your own beauty business as these type of events come in handy for buying products, materials and getting your name/business name out into the beauty industry and of course getting to know people in the industry which can help you along the way!!

I decided to look around some of the retail stalls and see what products that are available to the beauty customer/client!! Some of the retailers there displaying there products were Crown Brush, Fuschia, Benefit, Blank Canvas Cosmetics, French Cosmetics, INailz, Lycon, Cocoa Brown, Hair & Beauty Company and so many more!!
 (a page full) There were endless special offers and new products been launched to the beauty world too!!  From hair to makeup to skin care and nail stands there was something for everyone!!

Now on to what i bought at this years Irish Beauty Show 2015.......

First up i bought a range of products from the brands Revlon and Bourjois, the stall i bought them from is a company (which i can't even think of the name of) they are always in attendance of this type of events where they sell 5 beauty products for €10. And like always i bought a lot of makeup from them.

Here's what i bought.....

First up i bought this REVLON NEARLY NAKED FOUNDATION, I bought this in the shade 150 Nude as it matches my skin tone!! This foundation is really light, and with its weightless pigments it melts right in to the skin, creating a fresh and even complexion.

Next i bought this REVLON PHOTOREADY SKINLIGHTS FACE ILLUMINATOR, I bought this in the shade 100 Bare Light. This product banishes dullness and even's out your skin. With its light capturing crystals and photochromatic pigments it leaves your face photo ready for what ever day lies ahead. I have been using this for the past week or so now, I just tend to mix it with my foundation and apply straight to my skin for a glowing look!!

I then bought 2 of my favorite products in the world, BOURJOIS EYESHADOW POT in the shade.......... and BOURJOIS BLUSHER in the shade....... I have been such a fan of this two products for a which, and i also have a collection of there Eyeshadow Pots too, I can't seem to get enough of the shades!!

Next I bought even more eyeshadow products, this time I picked up REVLON'S COLORSTAY 16 HOUR EYESHADOW QUAD!! I bought this in the shade PRECOCIOUS!! The shades are really rich in colour and have a lovely texture to them too!! I can't wait to try them out!!

I then picked up another Nail Polish, this time i bought REVLON NAIL POLISH in the shade 675 RAVISHING!! This really is a gorgeous shade, i'm a little bit addicted to the colour red, and i feel its perfect for that ultimate gorgeous nail look!! I have it on my nails at the minute and I just love it!! While were talking about nail polishes, I also bought this Nail Polish from MISIA NAIL LACQUERS, I bought it this gorgeous pink neon shade which would be a perfect nail look for summer!! it was only €3.95 which was a bargain!!

Next on to some Mascara, I can never go to a beauty event and not by at least one mascara, so in fact I bought 2 from the BOURJOIS RANGE!! The first one i bought was this BOURJOIS VOLUME GLAMOUR ULTRA CARE MASCARA!! I have been using this one for the last couple of days or so, and it works really well with my lashes, giving great volume and lenght which i'm loving!! :-) The 2nd Mascara i bought was this BOURJOIS VOLUME CLUBBING MASCARA, which looks really good. I can't wait to try this out on my lashes!!

Next I bought this GREEN GLITTER for doing Nail Art designs on my nails, I'm a fan of everything glittery plus i love looking after my nails and creating new designs/looks on them too!! I bought this from PRO IMPRESSIONS at the Irish Beauty Show for only €2.50, along with a couple of other items which i'm going to be sharing with you:

Another item i bought was this DESIGNER NAIL FILE (in a zebra print), I bought a nail file from this company before and i found them quite good!! so like always i decided to buy another one again!! I bought this for only a €1.00!! BARGAIN!! On to my final item that i bought at this years IRISH BEAUTY SHOW........and its this PRO IMPRESSIONS DOUBLE SIDED FOOT FILE!! I'm a person that loves having smooth feet, and this comes in handy to use when times get rough on the feet!! I bought this for only €1.99 which was really good value!!

Well guys that is it for MY RE-CAP ON THE IRISH BEAUTY SHOW 2015!!

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P.S **Put the dates in your diaries as Ireland's largest Beauty Show returns to the RDS Dublin on Sunday 13th and Monday 14th of March 2016**

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Stay Stylish and Fabulous xx

Saturday, 7 March 2015


Hi Guys

Long time no see, as you guys can already guess I decided to take a month's break from blogging!! But i'm back now and rearing to go on get blogs/vlogs done over the next couple of months. For today's Blog Post i'm going to share with you all a bit of a 'Catch up Blog' as to what i have been doing over the last month or so!!

Anyway guys how has everyone's January and February been?? Mine has been quite a busy one as for the reason I haven't been blogging!! So let me go through as to what has been happening, well you guys will have already known i recently got a new job in October which i am still working away and keeping me busy. I have also starting a evening course in doing Book-keeping/Accounts which does be on in college 1 evening per week. The course is coinciding with my job, which i am loving, i was never a person that was good at Maths in school, but since i started my new job i'm loving everything to do with accounts!! :-)

Apart from my Job + Evening Course, I recently signed up to the GYM!! I'm a member of THE GLENVIEW HEALTH CLUB, I joined in January (just after Christmas) and I love it!! I started off in the month of January working out on what I wanted to do, but after a while i got a bit bored of doing the same thing and not knowing what exercises where good for me or not!! So I decided to talk to one of the trainers there on getting a assessment done (best idea every) he talked over that they set out a program for what suits you!!

So i decided to book one, on the day of the assessment i had a good chat with my trainer/instructor, and he went over a few things with me on how it works. Next it was on to Measurements/Weight and Height, this does be done so they can monitor how you are doing through out your program!! Next it was on to the all important program!! So at this stage the trainer/instructor aloud me to look over the program before i headed up to the gym and this is where you can see if you are comfortable with everything you are going to be doing!! Next its GYM TIME, at this stage i have looked over everything and i'm comfortable with everything i'm going to be doing so its time for my trainer/instructor to show me the right way of doing my workouts.

 As I'm typing this, i have just booked my 2nd assessment which means i'm coming to the end of my first program. But i'll give you all a clear view on what my first program was all about,

Basically i was instructed to do:

  • 5 MINUTES WARM UP ON THE CROSSTRAINER (this gives you a boost of energy and gets your body warmed up for the main workout!!)
  • 10-12 SETS OF A RANGE OF WORKOUTS ON THE CABLES (for the main workout its everything from Falling Forward, Squats, and Pulling yourself in on the cables, your arms do be quite sore after that but after a few times you eventually get use to it!!)
  • 2K ROW ON THE ROWER + TRY TO DO IT WITHIN 10 MINUTES (next is the Rower, a 2k row which i like or should i say try to do in under 10 Minutes, last time out on this i did it in 9 minutes 14 seconds that's a full 14 seconds took off my time!!)
Here's a sneak peek at the Workout Program itself: 

So that's been my own workout program for the past 3 weeks now, and one day this week coming i'll be starting my 2nd program which i can't wait to try as you kinda get a little bored of the same routine so it's always nice to mix things up by changing to a new one!!

As i have became so obsessed with the gym I decided to buy a MYZONE BELT , these belts are amazing i used one of these in my assessment and loved how it tracked my heart rate & calories!! Here's a little info on these belts:  

MYZONE is a chest strap (belt) and monitoring system that transmits your Heart Rate, Calories and Effort in real time to a live display and wireless uploads that send data to a log book that can be accessed through the MYZONE LITE APP!! Personally if you guys are in a gym at the minute and the MYZONE belts are available, i would defiantly recommend that you get one as they are brilliant for tracking your heart rate and of course how many calories you have burned off in your workouts. 

What I love the most about them is you can set yourself targets, i like doing my workout and then when i'm finished i look up on my phone as to how much i have done (ie Calories, Meps) and then the following day i like to try and beat what i have done on the previous workout!!

Sunday, 4 January 2015

BLOG PLAN 2015!!

I hope this year is good to you all!!

Well....HELLO GUYS, long time no see!! Sorry I wasn't blogging over Christmas, things were getting so busy my way that I literally didn't get a chance to upload a blog!! Apologise's! But however I am back on the Blogging scene from...NOW...well almost!!

Today I am going to share with you all Stylish and Fabulous's Blog Plan 2015!! YAY

So it's the start of a New Year, and I thought I would share with you all MY BLOG PLAN FOR THE YEAR' if your like me trying to keep to a schedule on your blog is hard, you either have things to do or places to go!! Yup that's me in one full sentence!! 

And this is where a plan must come in, a blog plan can not only let you build up a schedule on what to talk about each day but it will also motivate you to getting it done and getting post's posted to your blog!! 

I have come up with a few bullet points to get me motivated on scheduling my blog and seeing what viewers want to see on my blog which makes them interested, you can also get ideas from this too just keep reading....

So with out further a do here they are as follow......

  • Look at trying to upload 2-3 post's per week 
  • If you have a channel on (youtube) look at uploading 1-2 Vlogs per week
  • Upload posts on Makeup/Reviews/Fashion/Beauty
  • Interact with more Bloggers ie, Groups/Pages on (Facebook)
  • Be strict with yourself and stick to it 
  • Use Social Media as your advertising platform
  • and most of all be happy with your blog make it your own!!

Well guys I hope you all got so inspiration and of course some motivation on what kind of Blog Plan suits your blog, remember we all have different ones that fit in just perfect to or hectic lifestyles!!

Don't forget to stay up-to-date with Stylish and Fabulous for more blogs and vlogs for 2015!!
I'll will be back on Monday 5th with my first blog of 2015!! 
So don't forget to read it!!

Until then Stay Stylish and Fabulous x