Tuesday, 25 August 2015


Hello my Lovelies,

Welcome to today's post, i hope you are all having a wonderful day!!

Its that time again!! The Glossybox August Edition has just landed on my doorstep and i can say that this months box looks a good one with some rather nice goodies inside!!

 I feel that there is something for everyone in this months box, without further a do, lets see what is inside August's Glossybox......

Like always i like to talk a bit about the packaging, this months box comes in a black outer packaging box with Glossybox's logo on it!!

Then by ripping the front part open to reveal this months Pink Glossybox design!! I then pop the lid on the box to reveal this months goodies.........

First up is an introduction into this months August Glossybox which is wrote by Editorial Director Evie Leatham. Evie quotes in saying that 'Glossybox is celebrating its fourth birthday this month' and that they want to thank us all for making Glossybox the success that it is today' 

She also gives us a brief introduction into some of this months products, stating now that Glossybox is now in 10 countries that this months box is filled with beauty discoveries from around the world and that they have included four full-sized products from some of our home-grown favorites to some must-haves hailing from Spain and the USA!!

Then on the other side you get a listing of what product are in this months box along side the prices too, plus you also get a sneak peek of what to expect in September's Glossybox which is.......a full-sized hair mask from Swedish brand Maria Nila (worth £18.95) can't wait for September's box to get here!! :-)

Now on to the most exciting part......the Products!!

Introducing August's Glossybox 2015.....

The first product out of this month's Glossybox is this Full Size Naobay Natural & Organic Calming Face Toner all the way from Valencia in Spain. Its a citrus scented liquid toner that ticks for main requirements: Removing traces of Makeup while cleansing, Calming and Hydrates Skin thanks to the Chaomline and Golm Kola Extracts. Also on the other hand it states 'that it is 99.13% Natural!! Personnely i love natural products so i can't wait to try this out on my skin, i also love that light citrus scent as well as its not to over powering!!

Full Size £10.65

Next is the MeMeMe Lipglide which is another full size product. The Coral Hue of this Matte Velvet Chubby Lip Crayon would suit anyone and whats even better is that its an ideal travel companion too!! 

It states on the product listing that 'its easy to apply on the go, as it offers hydration and high-pigment color that lasts throughout the day' !! Overall I'm looking forward to wearing this on my lips for a day or night-time look, i feel that the peach shade can work quite well with a summer/autumn look!!

Full Size £6.95

I haven't heard of this brand before so I'm kinda new to it!! This is Sass Purifying Cleanser which is a gental formula that ensures you stay shower fresh all day long!! The product works as a probiotic to balance skin's PH levels with it also cleansing and energising the skin too!!

Full Size £7.00

The Manna Kadar Lash Primer is a full sized product that comes all the way from America!! Its a creamy gel formula that works to nourish your lashes with its inclusion of vitamin B12 that leaves your lashes conditioned and voluminous!! You can even layer it under your Mascara for an enhanced effect!! 

Full Size £14.55

The last product that I got in this months Glossybox is this full sized Emite Artist Colour Powder Blush which  hails from pro-inspired Swedish brand Emite. It states on the product list that it adds warmth to your complexion and that it lightly contours as well.

 I have to say this is my favourite product out of this months Glossybox because I'm a huge fan of everything Blush/Bronzer so it suits me down to the ground. I also love the shade as well, I'm going to use it for contouring as the shade will work well in darkening my cheekbones!! 

Full Size £20.59

I hope you guys enjoyed MY AUGUST GLOSSYBOX POST!! All products that i have mentioned above are available just click on the product name and it will bring you to the site as to where you can purchase them!!


If you would like to sign up to Glossybox here is the link to do so..... http://www.glossybox.co.uk/beauty

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Monday, 24 August 2015


Hello my Lovelies,

Welcome to today's post, I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!! For today's one i'm going to be sharing with you all this little review on Garnier's Micellar Cleaning Water which i did promise to share with you months back, but i never got around to doing it until today. I'm always getting asked how good this stuff is, so below i'm going to share this post dedicated to the product itself!!

I purchased Garnier's Micellar Cleanings Water a while back (a few months ago to be precise)!! Usually I would be more of a face wipes kind of girl to remove my make-up with, however I would use a Cleanser/Toner twice a week also with the benefit of using my favorite moisturiser on my skin too!! But one day I popped into my local supermarket and I seen that they had an offer running on a new product that just came on the market, Garnier's Micellar Cleaning Water, my first thought was it's just water in bottle for taking off your make-up, but i was totally wrong its more than just water. To cut the story short i did end up buying this to try out as i was so curious as to how well could this work on removing my make-up!!

Micellar Water is renowned for the Micella/Micelle oil molecules in a water-like formula which thrives on anything that is not water when applied to the skin. Basically it latches on to dirt and oils that have been pushed into the skin and effectively removes them.....and the dirt is gone!!

As clear on the label, it removes Make-up, Cleanses and Smooths. What is also great is that it is perfume free so its safe to apply this over your eye-lids and lips. Also Garnier claim it is hypoallergenic, and that it is unlikely to give an allergic reaction!! So that means its even perfect for woman with sensitive skin!! But if you feel a little reluctant to use this, you can always purchase the one for Combination & Sensitive Skin that can be used on skin that is quite sensitive!!

Personally i love the packaging for this product, the transparent bottle and label makes it look so sleek and lovely!! And what even makes this product really great is the fact they give a generous amount in the bottle too at such a great price!! I'm still finishing off the 1st bottle i bought, so roughly there is  just a little left in it!! I really have got through it though as i now use it every night to remove my make-up!! In the larger bottle you get 400ml which is roughly 200 uses and they have a 200ml which is quite handy to bring away with you on holidays or in your everyday make-up bag!!

Garnier have really impressed me with this product, normally if i was to use a cleansing agent, rubbing is required and its always such an effort to get my makeup off my face, but not with using Micellar Cleansing Water. I feel my make-up comes off straight away, no fuss, no hassle and no extensive rubbing either!!

Since using it, i have seen different stores/pharmacy have offer on, so like everyone else i have decided to stock up on buying it as there are a lot of women been converted to using it on there face!! Over the last few times i have purchased it, i have bought it for only €3.83 as it would be on offer as its normally price is €7.89!!

This product is amazing to use on your skin, not only with it re-moving my make-up in seconds but it also leaves your skin feeling very refreshed which is a lovely feeling on your skin!! From Mascara to Foundation once you have used this you won't want to use anything else!!

Below i have a quick demo as to how good this stuff really is.......

!) Okay so its the end of another busy day and its time to take my makeup off and get ready for bed!! First i'm just going to take two white cotton pads and apply a small amount of Micellar Water to them. Next i then apply the cotton pad to my face and start removing my makeup from my face!!

2) As you can see by the amount of makeup on these cotton pads when used this, stuff really does remove my makeup in seconds!!

3) And it leaves my skin feeling clean, clear and refreshed!! 

I hope you guys enjoyed my Review on Garnier's Micellar Cleansing Water!! Make sure to pick it up in store near you to give it ago!!

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Sunday, 23 August 2015


Hello my Lovelies,

Welcome to today's post, I hope you are all having a wonder day!! Okay so for today's post I'm going to share with you all this Mini Penney's Shopping Haul!! This was something i done there a little while back, and i'm going to share it in today's post with you all......

Up first i bought this Pink/Black Print Pajamas, well a tank top matching shorts for bedtime for only €5.00!!

Next i decided to stock up on some Black Leggings as these are a must for not only Summer but Autumn too!! So i decided to buy two pairs which were only €4.00 each!!

I then picked up this 'Everyday Seam Free Bra' which comes in handy wearing to the gym for a good workout, i bought this for only €3.00 and i also bought this plain White Tank Top which was also €3.00!!

On to some SHOES!!

Now for some shoes, i picked up were these Slip-on Shoes, in fact i actually bought.....two pairs of this because i'm a big lover of Slip-on's!! The first pair i bought were these Black/Snake Skin Print Shoes, which has an elastic material around the sides so that your feet glide into them, i bought these for only €6.00 which were a bargain!!

And then i also decided to buy another pair identical to the one's above but in a different color, this time i picked up a pair of them in a Pink/Snake Skin Print which were also €6.00!!

Next i picked up this Black/Beige Flats, which i find are ideal for wearing to work (because they are super comfy), i bought these for only €6.00!!

Also on my trip to Penney's i picked up another Blender Sponge for only €1.50, I love using this Blender Sponges for applying my Foundation i just feel it helps get a better even coverage of foundation on your skin!! I also bought Penney's (Primark's) P.S Love Volume Boost Mascara for only €1.50

Next I bought these Black Hair Clips which were only €1.50 and this Exfoliating & Softening Foot Scrub and Cooling Foot Cream for €1.50!!

The final item i bought was these 5 pairs of Seamless Footies for only €3.00 which i find great wearing with my flats!!

I hope you guys enjoyed today's Mini Penney's Shopping Haul!!

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Tuesday, 18 August 2015


Hello my Lovelies.....

Welcome along to this beautiful post, for today's one I'm going to be sharing with you all this Mini Beauty Haul, which combines of a few beauty items that i picked up over the weekend!! So to find out what i bought then just keep scrolling down the page........

First up i bought this Garnier's Micellar Cleansing Water, i love this stuff i think that's why i keep buying it all the time!! This probably the best product Garnier has ever brought out on to the beauty market as one of there best facial cleansing product ever!! 
This is the product to have in your beauty collection if you want to remove your makeup in seconds,  with just a small amount on a cleansing pad this straight gets to work in removing all your makeup including mascara (which sometimes i find even hard removing with a facial wipe) My lovelies, if you haven't tried out this product then what are you waiting for, pop into your local pharmacy/supermarket today to one up!! I bought this on offer in my local pharmacy Sam McCauleys for only €3.84 from €7.69

I also picked up this Alberto Balsam Super-fruit Conditioner for strengthening Hair!! This has an exotic fragrance to it which is gorgeous. I decided to buy this as i already bought the Shampoo, so now i have the conditioner to match!! Using the Shampoo, this leaves my hair nice and shiny, but also it leaves it feeling healthy and smelling gorgeous too!! I bought this in my local Tesco Store for only €1.90 (that is also the same price for the shampoo too)

On to some Dry Shampoo, I've been getting little low on Dry Shampoo so i decided to take a sneaky trip into Boots over the weekend to see what deals they had on their Dry Shampoo.

And i came across a deal they were running on their own brand of Dry Shampoo. So i picked up two of Boots Dry Shampoo in the fragrance Paradise Island which is a like a tropical smell. I bought 2 for only €4.00 which was a bargain!!

Next i picked up some Cotton Wool Pads from Tesco for only 65 cent, i buy these all the time!! I generally use them for when I'm taking off my Make-up using my Misceller Water!!

I also picked up a new Toothbrush which is the Colgate Pro Gum Health Tootbrush in my favorite color PINK!! I bought this in Tesco as it was on offer for only €1.99.

On to some Make-up now and i picked up this Essence Eye-brow Designer (in the shade 001 Black Velvet) which i use on my brows, i bought this for only €1.89.

 Also i grabbed a bottle of my favourite body spray in Tesco in the fragrance PINK for only 89 cent, who says you need to spend a fortune on body spray!!

Up next is some Make-up Brushes i picked up in my local pharmacy Sam McCauleys. They were having a sale on these Technic Makeup Brushes, so i decided to pick up three of them: 

The first one i picked up was this Double Sided Smokey Eye Brush which was €2.50

The second brush i picked up was this Blusher Brush which was only €1.50!!

The final make-up brush i bought was this Concealer Brush for only €1.00.

I hope you guys enjoyed My Mini Beauty Haul!!

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Monday, 17 August 2015


Hello my Lovelies,

Welcome to today's post, I hope you are all having a lovely day!! For today's post i'm going to share with you all a 'What's in my Handbag'post, i haven't done one of these in a while so i thought i would share one today with you all!!

My Handbag........

My Handbag is from the Designer Steve Madden, I got given this last Christmas as a present and i'm only getting around to using it now!!

The bag is a tanned color with quite sturdy black handles, it also has quite a lot of space too and do i mean a lot of space, yes you could store the kitchen sink in their!The bag is lined with a beautiful White/Blue design around the entire inside of the bag. 

It combines of a lot of different sections that zip open to reveal even more space such as in the middle of the bag where it divides with two sections, one at the front and another at the back!! There is also a phone and separate section right up at the front of the bag where i keep my Iphone in and some loose change!!

Then on the front of the bag is another section where you unlock the little lock in the front of it to reveal another two storage sections!! Not only do i love the amount of storage that you get in this bag, but i love how i'm able to make the bag look a lot smaller with two zips on either side which zip down to make the bag smaller and zip to you to make the bag look bigger....clever idea!!

Now on to 'What is in my Handbag'.......

Up first is my Purse which is from River Island, this is my summer purse. It has quite a lot room in it to store my cards and cash, so with all that space i have even more cash to store!! 

I also keep my Iphone 5 in my Handbag, this is my life its basically my Office/blogging phone as i do everything from Blogging to Instagram on this phone!! And I also carry my car keys in my handbag which is an important item to have so you can unlock your car!!

Next is this Notebook which i bought in Penney's (Primark) sometimes if I'm out and about and I think of something for the blog I immediately write it down in this, which is pretty handy to keep in my handbag!! And i also keep some Pens/Pencils in my handbag too in cause i need them to write stuff with!!

I also carry some Aquv Santising Hand Gel so i can refresh and santise my hands on the go, especially when i do the receyling on a Saturday at the Receycling Centre!! Also in my back is some Vaseline 'Aloe Vera' Lip balm that keeps my lips soft on the go and some Tesco 'Pink' Body Spray which is my favourite body spray ever!!

Next is this cute little mini Coin Purse which was a present from a friend of mine who was in Thailand on Holidays, you can hook this on to your keys but i prefer keeping it in my handbag as I'm afraid I will loose it!!

This is something that I always carry with me in my handbag and it is....my everyday Make-up Bag!! The Clear Make-up/Travel Bag is from last Months Glossybox, which has a French feel to it!! And here is a list of what products i carry in it:

Isa Dora Eyeshadow Quartet in the shade Cappuccino
Maybelline Matte Powder in the shade 20 Nude Beige
Bourjois Blush
Revelon's Photoready Skin Lights Foundation, Shade 100 Bare Light
Essence Black Eyeliner
Lipstick: Essence Natural Beauty/Gosh 60 Lambrada
Lollipop 'Delicieuse' Lip Balm (from July's Glossy box)
Makeup Brushes: Foundation Brush, Blushers Brush and Eyeshadow Brushes

The last two items I'm going to share with you are some Wrigleys Gum and some Kenco Cappuntino Sachets which i usually keep in my handbag as i bring them to work with me!!

I hope you guys enjoyed My What's in my Handbag Post!! Why not Check Out today's Vlog on this today's post which is now live here......

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